Are ‘Bad Days’ Ruining Your Weight Loss or Diet Plan?

by | Jun 29, 2011 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

Are Bad Days Ruining Your Weight Loss or Diet Plan?

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Everyone has a bad day and these ‘bad days’ come quite frequently; they are so frequent that if we were to lay off and do nothing because we thought today was a ‘bad day’, then we’d end up achieving nothing. You think the World’s richest or most powerful don’t have bad days? In fact, their bad days are probably a lot bigger than we can imagine but they take it in their stride and don’t let it affect other events.

The moment you start thinking about whatever reason is making your day bad, it begins to assume a larger-than-life image of its own and hinders your ability to think straight.

As a dieter wanting to lose weight, tell yourself that imperfection is okay.

Each day of your weight loss diet isn’t going to be picture perfect. Learn to accept that fact and not let it hinder your ability to see your weight loss plan through.

So you’ve given in to your friend’s insistence and have eaten two scoops of ice cream topped with chocolate and nuts? Or you’ve tucked into a large plate of French fries with a soda to accompany it? Big deal!!

Remember any food is excess only if you don’t burn it off

and any diet plan will always also include an exercise routine. So all you have to do is just burn it off. You don’t even have to do it in one go – spread it over a two day period if you like. When you ate the ice cream, you felt good didn’t you? In fact, you eat the ice cream because you knew you’d feel good so why the guilt and the feeling that this isn’t how it’s supposed to be, that today was a disaster?

Whatever the reason for the supposedly bad day, think of it as a treat to yourself.

An occasional treat or extra food or skipping your aerobics session is not the end of the World, it does not lead to disaster – at least not unless you actually quit on your diet plan. Then it would be a disaster.

But make sure you don’t make it a habit of yours – incentives are good, just try to treat yourself with not-food items 😉