Benefits of Eating Healthy

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Benefits of Eating Healthy

We are what we eat. Our food determines the how well developed and maintained our bodies and minds are. The level of alertness, whether we have the adequate energy to see the day through, whether we have the capacity to ward off diseases especially modern lifestyle diseases and lifestyle effects all depend on the food we eat.

There is a lot of misconception about the quality of the food we eat. Just because our burger has a nice thick slice of ham sandwiched within does not make it ‘good’. Nor is the deep fried chicken any better just because it happens to be protein. Quality goes far deeper than the source of our nutrients and that is what eating healthy is all about. So in this article we explain 5 great benefits of eating healthy.

First, a small summary on what healthy eating means: Eating healthy means including all five food groups (see our article on food chart), in your daily meals. Foods from each of the five food groups should be present in quantities that are right for your age, gender and level of activity. This also includes adequate quantities of water (at least one glass per hour). Also, eating healthy means reducing our intake of junk food to no more than once a month and that too, in vastly reduced quantity. Otherwise, a single junk food binge has the ability to undo all that you have achieved in the past one month.

Benefits of Eating Healthy – We look good!

When our meals are healthy and we have good levels of physical activity we automatically lose fat (not weight) and keep it off. The burning of fat results in bodies looking good and well toned. The reduced fat also reduces the stress on our internal organs especially the heart. Therefore, eat healthy to look good.

Benefits of Eating Healthy – Our skin glows in good health!

What is common between world class athletes like runners, and ballet dancers? Yes, they all have beautiful complexion i.e. healthy skin. The state of their health is visible by the healthy, blemish-free glow of their skin. Do you think healthy skin comes from junk food? No way! In fact, one of the first victims of unhealthy food is the skin. All that oil and fat seal off the pigments in your skin and does not allow your skin to ‘breathe’. This results in the dull, ‘dead’ look. So eat healthy for a healthy skin.

Benefits of Eating Healthy – A fully charged body!

There would have been many times you wondered how certain people seem to have limitless energy and achieve so much within the span of a single day. Their secret is good food and it starts with a healthy breakfast. Then a couple of hours later, an apple or a pear or half a turkey sandwich and so on. A balanced healthy lunch at the proper time followed by another tiny meal a couple of hours later and finally, an early dinner. Yes, these ‘busy’ top achievers know the relationship between food and their body and hence, take the time off to eat three well balanced meals in addition to two or three tiny meals consisting of either fruits or nuts or a sandwich. Not burgers, fries or hot dogs.

Benefits of Eating Healthy – Insurance against diseases!

A healthy diet on the one hand provides all the nourishment and nutrients that your body and internal organs need in the right quantity and on the other keeps away all the unhealthy foods. This ensures your organs don’t get clogged with fat and malfunction. After all, if we put rubbish in our car gas tank how far do you think the car will go?

Benefits of Eating Healthy – Restful sleep!

When you follow the principles of healthy eating, it means you eat a well balanced dinner at around 7 p.m. Assuming you sleep at around 10 p.m., you have given your stomach enough time to digest the food so that you are not uneasy when you sleep. Also, proper food means no bloating or unhealthy gases giving you sleepless nights. Good daily physical activity also ensures you are sleepy at the right time which when coupled with healthy eating at the right times, gives you good restful sleep.