Copy the healthiest people in the world

by | Jul 16, 2015 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

Over the years, there have been many so-called nutrition experts advising us how to lose weight. Think Tim Noakes. Robert Atkins. Pierre Dukan. And like lambs to the slaughter, we have blindly followed their sometimes very self-serving sermons. And then paid the price. It’s hard to cut through the crap. Especially when we’ve been groomed to obey the medical fraternity without question. But we only have to look to the world’s healthiest people, and those who live the longest with the least amount of health issues, to discover the truth about how we really should be eating and living.

Where are the world’s healthiest people?

Dan Buettner learned that the healthiest – and longest living people in the world – live in:

  • Okinawa in Japan
  • Sardinia in Italy
  • Nicoya in Costa Rica
  • Icaria in Greece
  • The Seventh-day Adventists in Loma Linda, California

Marge Jetton, who died at the age of 106, was a Seventh-day Adventist who lived in Loma Linda, California. It’s interesting to note that the Seventh-day Adventists in California live on average 5 – 8 years longer than other Californians. Now I bet you’re thinking that living longer is all very well and good, but so what right? Who wants to live longer than eighty anyway? The thing is, these people – in fact, all the people in what’s been termed the “Blue Zones” – not only live longer, but their quality of life is so much better than elsewhere in the world, so that they live with vibrancy. Take Marge as an example. Just before her death, she was still walking a mile every day, lifting weights and stayed busy volunteering in her community. Her life remained rich and healthy until the end.

How to live longer, happier and healthier

So what’s different about the healthiest people in the world? What are they doing that the rest of us should copy if we want longevity and vibrant health until death we do part? It’s not about that one superfood that us westernized people put our hopes on to cure all our health woes and make us lose weight. They don’t take the pills our doctors recommend to make their bones strong. They don’t put their faith in one herb or one fruit or one vegetable. And they don’t shop at the mass stores the rest of the world favors. Stores that stock mass produced genetically modified, pesticide sprayed crops preserved as food and packaged conveniently in tins and boxes. For the people in the Blue Zones, their longevity and health can be attributed not to one thing, but rather to a combination of:

  • Exercise (their lifestyles are naturally more active than ours).
  • Diets that are completely natural (95% of their diets are plant-based and only a scant 5% is meat).
  • Getting lots of rest.
  • Having plenty of sex.
  • Drinking natural preservative-free wine.
  • Caring about their communities and family-oriented.
  • Belief in a higher power.
  • They are far less stressed than the rest of the world.

How you can copy the healthiest people in the world

  • Exercise more. You don’t have to go to gym, but you do need to move regularly, and also do some type of weight bearing exercises which helps make your bones strong.
  • Eat more plant based, natural whole foods.
  • Seriously limit the amount of meat you eat, including chicken and fish. Many of the Blue Zone people eat a completely vegetarian diet, with meat only on special occasions.
  • Limit your dairy intake.
  • Enjoy sex with your spouse. Do it often and wholeheartedly.
  • Believe in God. Marge Jetton emphasized this as one of the reasons she lived so long and stayed so healthy.
  • Care about your family and community. Volunteer your help where needed.
  • Limit your stressors. Learn how to handle what stresses you, or change your circumstances.


Vibrant health is simple and affordable. Contrary to what we are being brainwashed into, longevity does not come in a pill. When a so-called nutritional expert tries to complicate health, you have to ask yourself why, and what they stand to benefit from their advice. Most importantly, if you’re tempted to be taken in by the empty promises of a nutritional guru or professor or doctor, always do your homework first. Look for the answers from the people who actually live longer and stay healthier and you won’t go wrong.