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by | Jul 20, 2015 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

This week Precise Portions took to the web to find the best motivation tools!

In today’s culture the internet is the perfect place to find motivation for your fitness and health journey. Precise Portions searched the web high and low to find the most motivational websites out there. We’re happy to share with you our top 12!

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1. Diet Bet

Using DietBet, you can join a game, lose weight, and split the winnings with users all over the world! You can join ongoing bets, celebrity bets, or bets based on the length of time it will take you to lose weight, or you can start your own diet bet with friends and family!

2. GymPact

GymPact is a very similar concept, but is used in an app format instead of being web-hosted. Commit to eating healthier or exercising more each week, set your dollar incentive amount, and earn cash for living a healthy lifestyle (funded by those who don’t). 

3. Healthy Wage

HealthyWage tells you how much money to put in the pot based on the amount of weight that you hope to lose, and the amount of winnings goes up based on how long you’re going to take and how much you’ll add to the pot each week. Join as an individual, or with a group! 

4. StickK

StickK gives you a few options when you sign up. You can commit to losing weight, exercising regularly, quitting smoking, completing a race, maintaining your weight, or create a custom goal. You set your own stakes and choose someone to keep you accountable, and win cash when you successfully complete your goal!

See the difference.

5. Run Keeper

Run Keeper is a great app that tracks your activities (predominantly running, but other activities as well). You can choose to enter them manually, or choose the GPS tracking feature to complete activities with the app on your cell phone. Run Keeper also allows you to create custom programs to keep your fitness goals in line. Then log in and track your progress. 

6. My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal is the industry go-to when it comes to tracking diet and exercise progress. Enter everything into this handy tracker and it will show your progress on both the diet and fitness fronts.

Find a supportive network.

7. PEER Trainer

PEER Trainer is a community of folks who are trying to lose weight and transition to a healthy lifestyle just like you. The message boards are full of advice, inspiration, and support.

8. Weight Loss Buddy

Weight Loss Buddy is also a community built on the understanding that if you are going to be successful in your weight loss journey, you need a network of support! This site will pair you up into a buddy system so that you have a mentor and someone to talk to who is managing the same struggles that you are!

9. Tone It Up

Tone It Up is a fabulous community of at-home fitness gurus who are trying to lose weight and lifting each other up at the same time! There are lots of message boards here, as well as free workouts and diet plans. And the bloggers, Karena and Katrina, provide a lot of motivation as well!

Get free workouts.

10. Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender takes your inputs and uses them to create customized workouts, along with a schedule, that meets your individual needs. Best of all, it’s all free!

11. Click SEO Tools

Click SEO tools is an amazing blog by Cassey Ho – a YouTube fitness sensation! She provides great workouts several times per week, along with a calendar workout schedule each month just for signing up for her free newsletter

12. Fitocracy

Fitocracy, like those above, provides free workouts and peer training just for signing up for their site.

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