Why and How to Get a Hold Of Food Portions

by | Sep 2, 2011 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

Thanks to modern day devices and apps, keeping track of your food portions is now relatively easier. If you don’t like modern day digital devices simply use an old fashioned food diary. Otherwise, your smart phone with a downloaded app for tracking your food portions will do quite well based on the food portions you consume. Some apps are even capable of displaying a nice graph so at a glance, you know when you binge or at what times you binge. You might even be able to correlate the peaks with your mental or physical state as in very tired, or angry or filled with anxiety and so on.

Keeping track of what you eat, how much you eat, when, where and why can help you be aware

of the amount of food you are eating and the times you tend to over-eat in comparison to the recommended food portions.

After maintaining your physical or digital diary for a week or more, you will notice trends emerging. For example, you might notice that you super sized the food portions on the day you had a fight with your boss or that you tend to eat super sized food portions of totally junk food when out on a date and so on. These will be your problem areas and can easily be worked.

Keeping a digital diary of the food portions you consume also enables you to

compare your food consumption and food pattern with the daily recommended diet and recommended food portions as advised by the USDA.

If fact, you could plot two graphs – one for the recommended food portions and the other for the actual food portions you have been consuming. Under ideal Free Download conditions, both graphs should coincide or should be as near to each other as possible.

If you notice that the food portions get super sized when you have nothing to do, try adopting or perusing a hobby or reading a book.

You might have noticed that men with a well equipped workbench or work room not only save money by being a handy man around the house, they also tend to be leaner in structure because instead of stuffing their mouth, they are busy with something.

When you’re working, keep a bottle of water nearby

so if food cravings hit you when you are working, a few gulps of water will not only contribute towards the daily recommended quantity of water, it will also cure your craving for food.

Controlling food portions at a party is always a problem – but not if you

have some light low fat snack before you go for the party.

For example, a small cup of yogurt, or a tuna sandwich. At parties, pick up a small plate (avoid the large dinner plates) and serve yourself small food portions of no more than two items from the food table. You can always go back and pick up more if you like but the chances are, you won’t and that way, you can keep a control on your food portions. If you are hosting a party and want to have control over portions for you and your guests, check this blog post – although Thanksgiving themed, it is useful reading in any case 😉