Effects of Overeating

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Technically, overeating happens when our calorie intake from food and drink exceeds the calories utilized. This article explores the inner workings of our body and explains the effects of overeating.

Why we overeat

We overeat for a variety of reasons, some induced and some emotional. Sometimes we overeat in response to involuntary stimulus e.g. drinking alcohol makes us want to eat something salty and deep fried. At other times an advert for (say) a delicious caramel pudding or chocolate fudge made by a new chef in the neighborhood triggers a need to sink our teeth into that delicious preparation. Similarly, there may be a variety of other reasons as to why we overeat including, bad habits or poor lifestyle. In any case, result is pretty much the same – here are top 5 effects of overeating:

# 1 The first effect of overeating is accumulation of fat

Anything we consume is initially stored as glucose (sugar) in our blood. When our body needs energy our pancreas produces insulin.  Insulin interacts with the glucose to release energy. The excess glucose is converted into fat and stored for emergency use. So long as we are otherwise healthy, this cycle continues and we begin to get obese.

# 2 Constant overeating will eventually lead to diabetes

As the endless cycle of eating, converting to glucose, production of insulin, release of energy, production of fat continues, one of the follow three things will happen:

  1. The efficiency of the pancreas diminishes or
  2. Your pancreas breaks down and it stops producing insulin or
  3. The overproduction of insulin beings to irritate the cells and your cells stop reacting to insulin.

All the above cases lead to a dangerous build up of glucose in the blood and you would be diagnosed with diabetes.

# 3 Effects of compulsive overeating leads to heart disease

Those who overeat, rarely eat anything healthy. They stuff themselves with deep fried or processed food which in turn leads to a buildup of cholesterol and results in the clogging of the arteries i.e. blockages in the heart. As the blood vessels get squeezed, our blood pressure begins to rise and our heart has to work harder. The excess salt intake also leads to its own set of medical complications.

# 4 Effects of overeating include possibility of fractures

As we add weight due to accumulation of fat, the weight we carry in our body far exceeds nature’s design. Our body is no longer flexible. The slightest impact as in an accident or a fall compounded with the weight of the fat in our body could result in abnormal impact on the bones especially the spinal column and hip joints. Accidents therefore, can easily lead to major fractures.

# 5 Effects of compulsive overeating will ultimately lead to poor self-esteem

Effects of compulsive overeating result in poor self-esteem. We begin to feel bad about our out-of-shape body and the fact that even XXL sizes do not fit. We become the butt of jokes, we are unable to participate in community events and picnics and finally, we withdraw into a world of our own.

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