Fantastic Fruits

by | Feb 21, 2012 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

What to do:

We need fruits every meal every day.   But we also have to be aware that fruits still have calories.  Each measure or exchange is computed as 10 grams carbohydrate and is 40 calories.  Then again, we need fruits every meal everyday.  Therefore it is just necessary that we know how much is within our caloric requirement and how much per meal can we take.

PrecisePortions have seen to it that you can tell how much with MyPlate portion control bowls. This time your serving of your favorite mango cubes will be just as it should be; one, two, three servings?  Just make sure you have clarified with your Dietitian, if you consulted, that you are not a Diabetic because mango have high *glycemic index which is not always well tolerated by people with Diabetes.

With MyPlate portion control bowls, one can easily tell how much calories is taken from fruits if serving portion is followed thus also can tell if within the daily caloric requirement.   And it does not even look like you are measuring because measuring is not obvious with the way each bowl is designed.

As mentioned above, fruits contain differing nutrients.  It is then advisable that there is a variety of fruits taken each day.  Below are some fruits and their content they are most rich with for your choices: