Give It a Try: Salad for Breakfast

by | Jun 24, 2015 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

Salad has traditionally earned its keep by being a go-to choice for lunch or dinner, but it has generally not been part of the scene on the breakfast table.  We are here to tell you, if you have been limiting salad to the latter part of the day, it’s time you give this healthy and versatile meal a prominent place on your breakfast regime! Need convincing? Here’s why a salad just may be the perfect breakfast choice:

  1. Super Easy. Traditional breakfast items like eggs and meats lend themselves beautifully to quickly and easily being tossed on a salad—no recipe required! Chop a boiled egg (or try topping it with a fried egg!), slice some avocado, and dice your favorite breakfast meat (or any leftover meat you may have around), and you instantly have a healthy and filling breakfast.
  2. Green Smoothie Alternative.  Despite their popularity and health advantages, green smoothies just don’t appeal to everyone. Others may enjoy green smoothies, but wish to have a little more variety in their breakfast menu. Either way, a salad at breakfast is a terrific alternative to get spinach, kale, and other greens into your body first thing in the morning—no straw required!
  3. Gives You a Little “Insurance” When the Day Gets Hectic. Even with the best of intentions, the day can sometimes get away from us, leaving us short on getting in as many veggies as we need for the day. By starting your day with greens topped with other veggies, you give yourself a head start on your nutrient intake and a little added insurance on getting in all the veggies you need each day.
  4. Versatile and Customizable. Another benefit of creating a yummy salad for breakfast is that you don’t have to follow any specific recipe or stock a long list of particular ingredients. Start with your greens, add a protein, toss in additional veggies and/or fruits, and a healthy fat and you’re set to go to make a breakfast as unique as you are.
  5. Impressive. It may be hard to believe with as simple as they are, but making a large breakfast salad is quite an impressive dish to make for the next brunch you host. The vibrant colors of different fruits and veggies makes for a beautiful presentation, the ingredients are perfect to make in large quantities, and the nature of the recipe makes it easy to individualize with the addition or subtraction of particular ingredients based on people’s food allergies or preferences.