Health Problems Caused by Obesity

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Abnormal shape is not the only abnormality that an obese person has to contend with. With every additional pound of fat added to the body, the body (meaning the internal organs) have to struggle to cope with the additional pressure and weight. Our bones too struggle to stay straight. If you fall in the obese category, here’s an article that gives you a bird’s eye view of the health problems that could be building up inside you:

Abnormal Blood Fats (High LDL)

An obese person will usually have high levels of Triglycerides and LDL cholesterol. These will eventually lead to a heart attack.

Metabolic Syndrome – when a bunch of related health problems occur together

Metabolic syndrome is caused by a larger than normal waistline, higher than normal triglyceride levels, lower than normal HDL cholesterol levels, higher than normal blood pressure and higher than normal blood glucose levels.

Obesity and Diabetes Type 2 almost go hand-in-hand

As we eat more, there’s more glucose floating in the blood. To convert the glucose into energy or fat, our pancreas need to generate more insulin. Day in and day out it keeps pumping out insulin until finally one of the following will happen: The pancreas fail or, the constant insulin output results in the cell wall damage and insulin is no longer effective.

In both cases, glucose levels quickly rise to alarming levels leading to diabetes type 2. Once that happens, you have a domino effect and a series of disasters happen within the body all of which will need immediate medical attention.

Health Problems Caused by Obesity – Gallbladder Failure

Our gallbladder is another organ closely connected with digestion. As we over-eat, our gallbladder has to work harder breaking down fats and concentrating the bile produced by the liver (bile aids digestion of proteins and fats). Like the Pancreas, the gallbladder too works nonstop. Just as the pancreas could eventually fail due to overwork, so too the gallbladder could fail or develop gall stones.

Health Problems Caused by Obesity – Osteoarthritis

There’s only so much weight a crane can lift. The same applies to our joints especially the knee, ankles and hips. As we pile up more weight, the stress level at these joints increases causing the cartilage to be worn out until finally, something snaps! A related health problem is Gout.

Health Problems Caused by Obesity – Gout

The more we eat, the more uric acid is generated and it flows in our blood. As the uric acid levels rise, a defence mechanism kicks in; the excess uric acid is converted into crystals which then accumulate at the joints. The crystals being acidic, react with cartilage leading to a rather painful inflammation of the joint(s).

Health Problems Caused by Obesity – Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea happens when we stop breathing for short periods (a few seconds) during sleep. Initially resulting in poor sleep quality, sleep apnea has the potential to cause a heart attack as we sleep.

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