Healthy Diet and Healthy Eating

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Healthy Diet and Healthy Eating

The moment we hear the words healthy diet or healthy eating we think of a strict regimental diet that takes away the joy of eating foods we love in return for promises that it spectacularly fails to deliver. Most of us have in the past, tried one or the other diet and finally gave it up as being unpractical or too complicated to follow.

According to our philosophy, healthy diet and healthy eating is about feeling good and having loads of energy to complete all our daily tasks without feeling unduly tired or weak or lethargic.

A healthy diet is essentially about “eating smart”. Your body structure, health and quality of life is determined by what you eat, when you eat and how you eat it. Additionally, the food you eat not only determines your immunity levels; it also boosts your energy levels, sharpens your memory and keeps you in a congenial mood all day.

Start small, evaluate the change, feel the goodness in it and take the next step.
Healthy diet or healthy eating is not something you jump into and try to achieve all in day one – rather, it’s a series of small steps cumulating in a full change – and it’s not even half as difficult as you think it is.

To start with, forget the calories or portion sizes; you can look into all that much later. Instead, think variety, think color and think fresh. A monotonous diet is not only boring, it is actually unhealthy. So start your healthy diet with a little planning. For example, when you think of protein think of all possible sources. The more colorful the food, the more you will be happy with your meal. Also, make sure whatever you cook is fresh and not something out of a can. Set the cans aside for the hurricane season. Fresh food is more colorful and tastes fantastic when cooked fresh. Make sure you have a fresh salad too and put lots of carrots, onions, tomatoes, greens and sprouts. If you love boiled potatoes you can chop one into small pieces and add that too. Finally spread some yogurt on the top or feel free to try out any ideas you have. Make it a fun meal but leave out the heavies likes creams, butters, sugar and oil except where absolutely essential.

Proceed to next stage by ensuring your meal contains food from all the major food groups i.e. dairy, pulses, fruit, vegetables, whole grains and meats.

Once you get used to eating colorful, eating fresh and eating from all the food groups, it is now time to check out your calorie requirement. Find out how much of each food group you should be eating i.e. the portion sizes. If you have problem controlling the quantum of food you eat, remember there is help available there too in the form of portion control plates and scoopers. These portion control plates and scoopers are readily available in most crockery stores as well as online.

Add exercise as a new food group.
Start off with brisk walking. A week later add aerobics. If you can, add either swimming or join a gym in the third week.

When you feel hungry eat a small meal of fruit, milk or a turkey or tuna sandwich.

Ensure you consume adequate quantities of water – a glass every hour is about right.

The secret of healthy diet and healthy eating is eating the right food, adding color and variety to the meal, cooking lean, cooking fresh, eating in moderation, good hydration and adding exercise to your daily routine.