Healthy Eating – Understanding Our Stomach

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Healthy Eating - Understanding Our Stomach

90% of all human diseases originate from the stomach

We know a lot about our heart, liver, kidneys, brain, and so on. But what do you know about your stomach? (Other than its location and the fact it digests food).

Why is it that we know so little about one of the most important organs of our body – our stomach?

We know more about our car combustion system (and care more about it too) than we do about our own equivalent. I think people care so little about their stomach because no amount of abuse (short of poisoning) leads to death. At most you get a day off. Our stomachs regularly cry for attention with acidity, bloating, constipation, burps, gas, etc. In fact, sometimes we eat such a bad combination of foods and drinks that the resultant gases generated actually cause nausea. If you suffer from one or more of the above elements at any point in time, it means your stomach is crying out for attention. We need to stop this abusive relationship with our stomach.

Loading the stomach when it has no capacity to digest is criminal.

Our lifestyle is such that we eat nothing all day and then just when the body digestive system begins to wind down, we stuff ourselves at dinner time. It is like hiring people for a 9 to 5 job, give them little or no work throughout the day and then at 4:40 p.m. offload a cart full of work on their table.

Antacids: The ingredients of an antacid including magnesium and aluminum produce a laxative effect and wash off the good bacteria from your intestines. This further aggravates the situation leading to hormonal imbalances, frequent urination, loss of appetite, dehydration and mood swings.

Often times during a meeting with my clients they burp and I can write down not only what they had that morning but also what they had the previous night because it is all sitting in the stomach – indigested and rotting. I wish you could peak into your stomach and see the mess. I assure you the stench will be worse than stuffing your head into the dirtiest toilet frequented by junkies!

According to Ayurveda (ancient Indian medicinal text), overeating is the root cause of all diseases.

I define overeating as eating more than the body’s ability to digest at that point in time. If your stomach lacks the power to digest than even a single grape would amount to overeating. In the present day scenario, our digestive power is diminishing whereas our appetite (due to artificial taste enhancers in processed food) is increasing.

Today’s topic on our stomach is simply too big to be covered at one go. So instead, allow me to resort to breaking it down into bite sized chunks of knowledge. I shall continue this topic in my next blog post. Till then pay careful attention to your stomach.

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