Healthy Eating – Italians and Olive Oil

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Olive oil may be good but only if it forms a part of an overall health plan and lifestyleI remember my father telling me that we can never see both sides of the coin at the same time – not even if we hold it up in a mirror. “The eye will see one side and lose focus on the other” he said. This is also the story of olive oil.

Along with Italian modular kitchen that has replaced traditional kitchen designs, Italian olive oil too is slowly replacing various traditional cooking oils that have been in use for past so many years. I’ve heard so many of my clients tell me “but, I only use original Italian olive oil in my cooking”, that I thought I’d write a blog post about it.

So is Italian olive oil really good for us?

First, let’s not forget that most of these studies are funded by olive oil manufacturers and secondly, the test subjects are invariably Italians. The robust health of the Italian heart is not just due to olive oil but also due to many other factors. The Italian diet is very rich in fruit and greens (high in fiber) and they are also accustomed to regular wholesome home cooked meals (in Italy mothers dominate their kids and rule over the communal dinner). And then there is their easy going relaxed attitude to life. The Italian is not someone who can be hurried into anything and they also love their afternoon siestas. So it’s not just the olive oil…

Good health flows from good food, clean lifestyle and a relaxed state of mind.

In the U.S. we work our butts off often exceeding 60 hours of work in a week and that too in very stressful environments. We eat loads of processed or junk food and drink gallons of alcohol. The only exercise we get is when we hit the dance floor (if at all) over the weekend. We then balance our excesses by using a couple of teaspoons of olive oil as if it were some sort of God given elixir that would protect us from all the wrongs of modern day life.

What’s the bottom line?

While olive oil is one of the good fats, it may be good but only if it forms a part of an overall health plan and lifestyle. Get yours started with this yummy recipe of Stir-fried broccoli flowerets!

Stir-Fried Broccoli Flowerets

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