Healthy Eating – Make Your Diet ‘Colorful’

by | Jan 25, 2011 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

In my previous three blog posts I’ve tried to convince you of the goodness of a predominantly vegan diet, explained how you can make your diet ‘colorful’ and how to create your own ‘secret diet’.

If you have understood my previous blog post, you will realize that there is no such thing as a ‘secret diet’. Today I take this one step further and say there is no such thing as going “on” or going “off” a diet.

Eating correctly has to be a lifelong commitment and your diet should be a reflection of this common sense commitment.

Our body does not enjoy the benefit of any holiday. The moment you violate the principle of eating correctly, there are instant consequences. Doctors often tell us that the consequences of not eating correctly are not easily visible. I say they are – you just have to observe.

For example, observe what happens to you after a late night party of booze and deep fried food – inadequate sleep, constipation, gas, lethargic muscles and lack of alertness. Our body is no different from the car we drive. If we put in the wrong fuel or oil and attempt to start the engine the consequences are loud and clear. But unlike our car which can be dismantled, unclogged and cleaned up, the years of violating the principle of eating correctly results in the clogging up of our arteries in a way that makes unclogging them impossible. At most, surgeons can open up a portion of the clogged artery to let some blood flow so that the World’s best fuel pump – your heart, does not seize up and die on you.

Palm Hearts and AvocadoA few years back, BBC created 4 short documentaries titled “Autopsy – Life and death”. I recommend the not-so-faint-hearted to watch the serials with rapt attention. Despite being a professional dietitian, the first time I saw the serials I was shocked to the core. The autopsy surgeons cut open a human cadaver and show you the effects of going “off” a diet or to put it more correctly, not eating correctly! Watch the 4 BBC documentaries titled “Autopsy – Life and death” – I guarantee it will open your eyes and make you want to change your lifestyle. Of course the documentaries do not tell you how to change your lifestyle but then that is why I am writing these blogs – to help you make those changes that will save your life.

Eating correctly does not involve going on a kind of crash diet.

In my book there is no such word as a “crash diet”. Once you decide to eat correctly, you will need to consciously plan your meals as well as your activity and lifestyle. But I promise you, by end of the first month you won’t have to plan anything – it will all just fall in place. You will automatically make the right choices that will keep your body in shape and good health.

Remember I said that the effects of not eating correctly are visible immediately? Well guess what, so too is the effect of eating correctly and following a healthy lifestyle. Your body is such a wonderful machine that it begins to heal itself rapidly and you feel so good about it that no amount of ‘friendly persuasion’ will make you deviate from your new chosen path.

In the next few blogs I shall take you down the path of enlightenment that will help reverse the effects of years of unhealthy eating and lifestyle.