Healthy Eating – Second Principle of Eating Right

by | May 28, 2011 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

Now that we know of the first principle of eating right, it’s time to talk about the second, isn’t it? So, here it is:

Eat 5 regularly paced small sized meals during the day!

No need to remind you that you should do so only after having a healthy breakfast first. When you eat small regularly paced meals, your body has to work at breaking down the food, digesting it and absorbing it. This process is diet induced thermogenesis (DIT) i.e. calorie burning. That’s right; you also burn calories when you eat, after all, digestion too requires energy. When I mention principle 2 of eating right to my clients in most cases, their jaw drops. This is because we bring forth a picture of our current meal size. Remember, I use the word “small” as in one-third of your current meal size. You can get started on portion control by reading more about it or purchasing some tools from our online store.

When our body gets a regular dose of a small number of calories it feels reassured and loved.

Eating is a way of loving our body and providing it with nourishment. Not eating for long hours creates deep troughs in our energy requirement. When your body gets small quantities of food regularly, it utilizes it as energy and does not store it as fat. The body loses fear of death due to starvation. You also need to reassure your body (through your mind) that the next meal will come a couple of hours later.

Three small meals = 1 regular sized meal. Five small meals might seem like a lot but it still is less than what you would normally consume in the course of the day.

Some of the benefits of having 5 small meals per day are:

  1. A conducive environment in the body to burn fat
  2. Fewer calories converted to fat
  3. Less dependence on stimulants (tea/coffee)
  4. Smarter thinking because brain gets a regular supply of energy
  5. Body decides there is no longer any need to store fat

See the next blog post which is about the third principle of eating right.