Healthy Eating – Secret Of How to Enjoy Food at a Party

by | Mar 23, 2011 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

In the previous blog post we started the topic about the relation between the state of mind and the stomach. We will expand that today with the secret of how to enjoy food at a party.

If you have any party coming up where you are expected to eat and also you expect a lot of good food will be served then all you have to do is inform your stomach to be prepared. Inform it of the date and time. Trust me, your body loves being taken into confidence and reacts accordingly.

The food you eat at the party will not be converted into fat because

(a) you will have told your stomach that you are not under stress and everything is peachy and

(b) your stomach will have readied itself by secreting huge quantities of digestive juices ready to take on anything you throw at it. Here you are not trying to fool your body into anything, rather, you are being honest with it by informing it that you expect good food to be served and that you expect to eat well.

Remember to keep your mind in a happy state.

Is this all humbug? No. Medical science has proved the above theory beyond any doubt by testing the level and quantum of secretion of test subjects before the party. Also, think back a bit; if you knew your mom was going to make some lovely cookies or some other favorite food, doesn’t your mouth begin to salivate and drool? What do you think is happening? It is your mind informing your body to prepare itself for some good food. Saliva is one of the juices required to break down food. Build up of saliva also triggers release of digestive juices in your stomach. You may conduct an experiment if you like. Think of your favorite food. Think of putting it on a plate, smell its aroma. In a few minutes you will notice saliva building up in your stomach. This clearly demonstrates the connection between your mind and your stomach. A happy state of mind relaxes your stomach and nervous system. It ensures the food is not converted into body fat.

When at the party, just enjoy the food and yourself!

Do not pick up anything that might contain artificial sweeteners or anything made from pre-processed chemical impregnated food – remember your body has no defense against such food. So dig into wholesome fare and enjoy yourself. Don’t concern yourself about the calories and fat content, just enjoy the party.

In my next blog I shall write about what to eat (when not at a party). In the meantime, check out this article about Healthy Eating when Dining Out 😉