20 Healthy Foods That are Less Expensive Than You Think

by | Jan 31, 2014 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

It always used to be about “doing it”; now, it’s about “doing it” in a “healthy way”. The main problem for today’s medical community, however, is the manner in which this change is to be brought about. With more and more patients suffering from diseases such as diabetes mellitus and hypertension, healthy eating is no longer a domain reserved for the nutritionists. Many claim that this pandemic of illnesses could have been prevented, had the current community consumed more fiber and fruits and vegetables, as opposed to the excessive consumption of fatty and junk food. Others believe that this is much harder than expected. Their prime reason for the latter opinion is the higher cost of healthy food available these days. This, however, may not be entirely true. Moreover, one may be surprised to find that healthy food could not only be cheap, but also tastier at the same time. Let us discuss some of the healthy foods that are less expensive than you think.

Carrots: One of the healthiest foods available in the current market, 1 pound of carrots cost $0.82 on average. Carrots are not only cheap and full of fiber that ensures a feeling of satiety, but also pack quite a large amount of Vitamin A in each serving of the food. This is necessary for the proper functioning and maintenance of healthy eyesight and prevention of other eye related diseases.


Cabbage and Broccoli: They are not only cheap in price (costing $0.1 and $0.3 a pound respectively) but also low in calories despite being bulky and full of fiber. Therefore, you can eat large quantities despite remaining far below the daily calorie count, losing weight in the process. They are full of vitamins required in the healing process and also have nutrients that fight cancer and decrease the risk of its recurrence and mortality in cancer patients.


Eggs: Each serving costing on average between $0.15 and $0.20, eggs remain an excellent choice of increasing the protein content in your diet. They are quick to prepare, not requiring much expertise and can be used in a variety of combinations with other ingredients. Egg whites particularly can be cooked separately and can be helpful in losing weight. They not only provide important nutrients for the growth and development of the body, but also taste great!


Bananas: With a price range of $0.1 to 0.2 per serving, they are known to be a driving source for the body. As a result of presence of a diverse combination of carbohydrates in each serving, they are full of energy, which could be utilized during strenuous activity. Moreover, they are a great source of potassium that is an essential element required for various purposes in the body.



Milk: Costing between $3.4 and $3.5 per gallon, milk is one food that could not be replaced by any other. It is an indispensable source of calcium for the body. This element is necessary for the formation of substances required in the strengthening of bones. Milk also has a large protein value per serving and skimmed or low fat milk, especially, is very helpful in reducing weight.



Oranges: Costing a dollar per pound, oranges are one of the best and tastiest sources of vitamin C available in the market. As mentioned above, vitamin C is especially useful for the proper healing mechanism, thus leading to better regeneration of cells in the body. Additionally, oranges are full of fiber, and that is exactly what is needed to stimulate intestinal motility and prevent problems such as constipation.



Rice (Brown): With a serving costing around $0.12, brown rice is a great source of many essential nutrients required by the body. It is especially linked to a decrease in the incidence of diabetes mellitus, a condition that is highly prevalent nowadays. It also functions to reduce the risk of myocardial infarction. When mixed with a variety of other foods, numerous tasty recipes can be prepared using brown rice.



Oats: At an average rate of $. 25 per serving, oats are a great food, especially if the fat is to be burned off the body rapidly. Consequently, oats are known to reduce the incidence of metabolic syndrome, which is primarily characterized by high blood lipids and cholesterol and high blood pressure.



Popcorn kernels: Costing roughly $1.19 per pound, popcorn kernels have all the numerous anti-oxidants that help the body fight off the aging process and help in healing. Also, they are very low in calories and form an essential component of the diet if weight loss is being targeted.


Yogurt: If your main aim is to lower your blood pressure and you do not want to compromise your taste as well, then yogurt is the perfect solution. At a price of $0.40-0.75 per serving, it packs nutrients that not only helps in the development of the body, but also helps in the prevention of many cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, it is a great source of calcium.



Apples: Costing between $1.4 and 1.5 per pound, apples are a good source of anti-oxidants and vitamin C in the body. Both of these components help in the removal of free radicals from the body. These latter molecules are the exact cause of aging and degeneration in the human body. Apples also help prevent constipation by providing an adequate amount of fiber in the body.


Pears: One fruit that is cheap in terms of price and calories is pears. They provide a good amount of fiber in the body. They also help decrease the incidence of cerebral infarction in those at risk.



Coffee: Perhaps one of the most popular drinks ever, coffee is known to be extremely affordable, especially when made at home. Costing under a dollar per cup, it is a known source of anti-oxidants. As a result of this, coffee is thought to reduce the risk of many cardiovascular diseases.


Dried fruit: When consumed in the right proportions, nuts and dried fruits are not only economical but also provide the body with essential fatty acids and fat soluble vitamins. These in return are important for the synthesis of cell membranes in individual cells of the body. They can be combined with a variety of other foods to make different types of recipes.


Potatoes: When eaten in the correct form, potatoes could prove to be a great food for the body, providing many nutrients such as vitamin C and anti-oxidants to fight of the aging process in the body. Costing half a dollar per serving, they can provide all the necessary molecules required to protect the skin against ultra-violet rays.



Chickpeas: Costing a quarter of a dollar for each 1/4th of a cup, chickpeas are good at providing satiety and feeling of fullness, especially when you are aiming to reduce weight in the process. They also provide protection against myocardial infarction and diabetes mellitus.



Beans: Full of proteins, fiber and a whole lot of other essential nutrients, beans are an extremely inexpensive source of nutrition for the body. They can be used in a variety of recipes, to make delicious dishes.



Chicken: Costing just under half a dollar per serving, chicken remains one of the most important sources of protein in your menu. It can be especially filling and help reduce weight while maintaining muscle bulk. Chicken is used in many of today’s popular dishes.



Grapes: Costing roughly $0.4 per serving, they are an excellent source of anti-oxidants, which are ever so essential in removing free radicals from the body. They can be consumed separately, or, could be combined into a variety of salads and dishes.




Eating Healthy Foods is just part of the puzzle and needs to be supplemented with eating the correct portions as well as regular exercise.