Healthy Snacks for Women

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Healthy Snacks for Women

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A snack is something that should be reasonably satisfying, nutritious, and be in the 100 to 200-calorie range. Our experts have put together 9 very satisfying healthy snacks most of which, are in the sub-100 calorie range. Read on.

1. One small box of delicious raisins (approx. 50 raisins)

Munching through these delicious raisins is very satisfying. Eat them one at a time and you will feel as if you’ve had a whole meal. You would be consuming no more than 130 calories, a gram of protein, no fat at all, about 31 grams in carbohydrates and roughly 2 grams in dietary fiber.

2. A can low salt 100% Vegetable Juice

These are readily available in most grocery stores and malls. Check out the nutrition label and be amazed. Drink slowly while reading a newspaper or even while continuing to do your work. Each can is approximately 30 calories, a gram of protein, no fat, 7 grams in carbohydrates, a gram of dietary fiber and about 80 mg salt.

3. A dozen whole almonds

You can either consume these directly or soak them overnight in a small bowl of water. Soaking almonds causes the enzyme inhibitors in almonds to dissolve in the water. The resultant almond is then very easy to digest. Almonds also contain the ‘good’ fat – the kind that is good for your heart. A dozen almonds will supply you with 80 calories of energy, 3 grams of Protein, about 1.5 grams of dietary fiber, 7 grams in fat and 0.5 grams of saturated fat.

4. One fruit the size of a tennis ball

As far as possible, eat your fruit fresh and whole. Don’t cut and store. Cut fruit begins to oxidize immediately and you lose its most vital ingredient – powerful anti-oxidants. The calorie and nutrition content would of course depend on the fruit you’ve chosen. Almost all tennis ball sized fruit (including a small bunch of grapes or berries) will be less than 100 calories and would be very nutritious – so enjoy.

5. One wedge low calorie cheese

If you love the feel of your teeth sinking into cheese, then a wedge of low calorie cheese (e.g. Babybel Light Cheese or Laughing Cow cheese) would suit your needs. Each wedge contains a maximum of 50 calories.

6. Small bowl of salad (no dressing)

Freshly made is ideal but salad made the same morning and stored in the refrigerator will also do equally well. If you use standard ingredients, the calorie count will be under 50.

7. Kiwi fruit – 2 medium sized

Kiwi fruit are very yummy, nutritious and just 45 calories each.

8. Low-fat non-flavored yogurt – one small carton or small cup

This is ideal even for those who are lactose sensitive. Yogurt aids in digestion and a small cup of low-fat yogurt is roughly 100 calories.

9. Small bowl of rice crisps with cheddar cheese

We have included this snack to satisfy your craving for a higher calorie snack food. Eat no more than one serving per day (9 chips – 70 calories).

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