How to Control Your Diet – and Win

by | Jan 5, 2012 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

How to Control Your Diet

Here are some bite sized secret tips on how to control your diet easily.

Update your crockery cupboard with slightly smaller sized bowls, plates and glasses.

Tip: Buy yourself a set of portion control crockery. You will receive a box containing 8oz glasses, 16oz bowls, 9 or 10-inch plates, and so on. Made from Chinese porcelain, these are perfect for keeping tabs on what and how much you eat.

Always use a plate when eating

One of the most vital tips on how to control your diet is to always use a plate. Have you noticed how, when you open a bag of chips you tend to empty the entire bag in one go? I bet you the same thing happens when you sit with a tub of ice cream or popcorn.

Now instead of eating direct from the container, use a small bowl or a small snack plate – fill it with your choice of food and eat only what is in the bowl or plate. Do not go for extra helping. Also, limit such snacks to no more than twice a day. One snack can be had between breakfast and lunch and the other between lunch and dinner.

Eventually, I shall tell you how to get rid of the snacking habit as well but for now, let’s just concentrate on how to control your diet.

When buying ready-to-eat snacks, buy individual portion sizes

Don’t let greed get the better of you – you are made of sterner stuff and can easily control your urge to eat. When you visit the supermarket or ice cream center, even if you are buying for the entire family, buy individual portion sizes. That way, each family member will eat the correct portion. Remember, fast food outlets and ice cream centers induce you into buying larger quantities by offering and an ‘extra’ portion. Don’t fall for it. You may have to pay more when buying individual portion sizes but at least it will prevent you from emptying the entire tub by yourself.

Remember individual portion size is an excellent answer to the question how to control your diet.

Listen to your stomach

Eat from a plate and eat slowly taking in no more than one spoonful at a time. Savor the food. Try and distinguish the individual flavors. While eating, listen to your stomach. Trust me, your stomach talks when it is hungry (we don’t miss that one, do we?) and also when it is full. Our problem is that over the years we trained ourselves to only listen to the “I am hungry” signal and ignore the “I am full” signal.

When your stomach feels full, STOP eating. It does not matter if there is still food left in the plate. Just stop eating. Listening to your stomach is an excellent answer to your question how to control your diet.