How to Lose Fat on Abs

by | Jun 21, 2012 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

If you want to get rid of your pot belly or trim the excess fat that is beginning to show up on your abs, then this no-nonsense article with nine vital tips on how to lose fat on abs is absolutely for you.

If you want to lose fat on Abs, a two stage approach is required; one, you reduce the fat on abs and two, include power exercises that will help bring out that lovely group of muscles on your Abs.

1. Stop Doing Weird Exercises

Doing stuff like sit ups (crunches) or bending in all kinds of weird angles to lose fat on Abs will at best strengthen your stomach muscles – it won’t get rid of the fat on abs. In fact, personal trainers will confirm that spot fat reduction is a myth. There is no way to make your body dissolve fat from a particular part of your body.

2. Eating Healthy is the easiest way to lose fat on abs

Fat and junk food have an insane relationship; they just love each other. Abs and junk food simply don’t mix. So if you shoot the junk food from your daily diet, you end up killing two birds in one stone!

Take the processed foods out of your kitchen and introduce your body to wholegrain and fresh, unprocessed foods.

We don’t recommend 100% abstinence from junk food – something like that would be impossible to achieve. So one day in a month you can have some French fries or burgers or whatever else tickles you. But don’t go out of control and binge or you might end up losing all that you had gained.

3. Alcohol and abdomen fat are great buddies!

Alcohol aids fat retention. A small drink once every few days will not be too upsetting but make it regular alcohol not beer or other sweet alcohols. Heard of ‘beer belly’? If you love beer, then increase the gap to no less than once a week. Have a salad or sandwich with your drink.

4. Reduce Carbohydrates

While carbs are required to create energy, the quantity required is minor. So reduce (not cut out) potatoes, pasta, noodles, Chinese foods and exotic breads. Instead, add fruits and veggies to your meal. Reducing carbs is reducing fat on abs.

5. Eat Well

Starving yourself will have the opposite effect. When you starve yourself your body will work overtime to store fat. Also, if you starve yourself, your body will burn muscle for energy when you exercise and you can say goodbye to losing fat on Abs.

6. Eat your meats

Fish, eggs, meat, poultry products, soy and wholegrain are excellent sources of Protein. Weight for weight, your body burns more energy processing proteins than it does processing carbohydrates and fat. This however does not mean you stuff yourself with protein. Only 30% of your daily meal should consist of proteins. Burning more energy is a great way to getting rid of fat on abs.

7. Include Fat especially fish oil in your diet

Oil in minor quantities does not make you fat. In fact, it is essential for your brain. Avoid processed fats such as margarine.

8. Stick to 1600 Calories

Estimate your calorie intake. Keep it to within 1600 calories per day and watch it melt your fat on abs.

9. Dissolve fat, add Steel

Get yourself a pair of dumbbells and barbells. Using these will not only help burn any fat (due to 1600 calorie intake, your body will utilize calories from fat to power up your exercise), it will also strengthen your back and your abs when you do squats and dead-lifts. Also, add cardio to your workouts – it will help getting rid of fat on your abs.

Using dumbbells and barbells works all your muscles groups. As you sit and rise with the heavy weights, it works on your abs and brings out that lovely grouping of your abdomen muscles.