How to Measure Food Portion of Bread

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How to Measure Food Portion of BreadMeasuring out bread can be quite tricky due to the fact that there are different types of breads. The calories and nutrition per serving differs. Here then is an expert article on how to measure food portion of bread.

Before we write on how to measure food portion of bread, let us briefly touch upon

The difference between brown and white breads

Most commonly available breads are an excellent source of fiber and calcium. Additionally, brown bread also contains wheat germ, vitamins E, B1, B6 and riboflavin. As far as calories are concerned, the difference between brown bread and white bread is so minor that it cannot be the reason to choose one over the other. The portion sizes for the two would therefore be the same.

How to measure food portion of bread

According to USDA a single portion of bread is roughly the size of a compact disk and is about half inch thick. How much of it you eat depends on the overall quality and quantity of food you eat.

Assuming you eat wholegrain bread, it will form part of the wholegrain you eat during the day. According to the USDA MyPlate program, wholegrain (one of the five food groups), should form roughly 30% of our daily food intake.

Unless you use your body and muscles like the way lumberjacks or construction workers do, your total food intake should not exceed 1,600 calories per day. So wholegrain portion would be roughly 533 calories.

This means that if you eat only wholegrain bread for your 30% daily wholegrain portion, then you should eat a maximum of 5 slices of bread (each slice of bread generally averages 100 calories).

Ideally, two slices (200 calories) would be the norm. The rest of the wholegrain content should come from other sources. This would help you achieve a more balanced diet in terms of vitamins, minerals, fiber, trace elements, etc.

Bread being a processed food item, we should ideally limit the quantity of bread we eat. The reason is, in the preparation of bread, there are a lot of additives (chemicals and stabilizers) included in the bread. These additives are required to make the bread tastier, more substantial, and last longer. These additives are however, not very good for your health.

Reducing the quantum of bread we eat

If you need to reduce the quantum of bread you eat, make sandwiches using ‘Pitta’ bread or better still, opt for an open sandwich, i.e. single slice of bread with healthy toppings on it. Small turkey, chicken or tuna sandwich can be a good option for lunch 😉

How to Measure Food Portion of Bread

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