How to Stop Overeating

by | Jul 30, 2012 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

You know you are overeating and also know you have to stop it. The big question is how? How can you break the jinx that is the cause of the love-hate relationship with food? Our experts show you how. Read on.

Question yourself!

Feel like eating something? Ask yourself the question – “Am I really hungry? If I am not hungry I don’t need to eat now”.

Knowledge is power – gain some!

Read up on the effects of overeating; especially what it does to your heart, liver and kidneys. The shock will help reinforce tip # 1 above.

Exercise and you’ve won half the battle!

When you exercise (utilize no less than 300 calories per day), and in about seven days into your exercise routine, you will:

  • Feel a tightening of your stomach walls. This helps fill up your stomach with much less food than before.
  • When you realize how difficult it is to utilize just 300 calories, you are less likely to overeat and make your job of exercising out calories more difficult.
  • You will automatically start reading nutrition labels to check on the calories per serving.

Stay motivated to continue your exercise

Read up our article on motivation to lose weight. The more you exercise and the more weight you lose, the less likely you are to overeat.

Don’t overstock

Avoid buying large quantities of your favorite food. If you love ice cream, buy single serving size – no tubs! If your refrigerator is full of ice cream or some other favorite snack, you are likely to over consume it.

Also remember, it only takes three small teaspoonfuls to satisfy a craving. If you crave something chocolaty, have one or two one-inch square pieces of chocolate and then wait a few minutes. You will soon realize you don’t need any more of it.

Eat small healthy meals

If you feel the urge to eat when not hungry, have a small fresh fruit or a two-slice lean sandwich or a small bowl of low-fat yogurt.

Challenge yourself

You are no fool, you can do it. If you are in the habit of visiting your favorite eating joint once a week, reduce it to twice a month and that too, only if you have utilized no less than 4,000 calories through exercise.

Make it a competition between mind and your stomach. Tell yourself that your mind is stronger than your stomach and that you can easily show your stomach who’s the boss!

There are two parts to this challenge – read on for the next part.

Let your mind rule

Make it a real life game. Decide that from today onwards, your mind shall rule. Due to your frequent visits, you have already memorized the menu so before you visit your favorite eating joint, decide what you want to eat and decide that your health comes first.

You will not only eat less, you will eat healthy. There is also a very good possibility you will lose interest in your favorite eating place.