Getting Your Loved Ones on Board

by | Jun 15, 2015 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

Create your healthy lifestyle support system.

When you make a positive lifestyle change, including making the choice to incorporate healthy eating and dietary choices into your daily routine, you may have the best of intentions and assume that your loved ones will support you in every way. However, it can sometimes take a little convincing before loved ones are 100% on board. Precise Portions has a few suggestions to offer, and our enthusiastic and supportive community will be there to encourage you in the meantime. Our site is dedicated to gradual and sustainable weight loss through exercise, health habits, and well-controlled portion sizes for both children and adults.

Why is it important to have friends & family on board?

Although you technically can do this on your own, weight loss and healthy life changes are much easier when you have a supportive community around you to cheer you on and lift you up. One recent study shows that 95% of people who had a supportive group during their weight loss journey lost weight, and 66% of them were able to keep it off for 10 months or more (compared to only 76% who lost weight without a support system and 24% who kept it off without one). What better proof do you need?

Prep Them in Advance

One of the most difficult times to maintain your healthy lifestyle is at major annual events. Whether it’s Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner, a birthday celebration, happy hour, or date night. It’s challenging for people to accept change during these rituals and your new lifestyle choices may come as a shock to some. Help to cushion the blow by prepping your cohorts in advance. Give them a call or text and let them know what you hope that they’ll be on board with. Let them know what your restaurant preferences may be or offer to bring a healthy dish or two to pass.

Share Your “BIG Why”

Why did you choose to embark on your weight loss or healthy lifestyle journey to begin with? Maybe you want to be able to fit into a special outfit, feel confident in front of others, or play ball with your kids in the yard. Perhaps you have a big fitness goal, like being able to cross the finish line of a 5K, 10K, or half-marathon.

Whatever these reasons may be, they were meaningful enough to you to give you motivation, and they may provide the same to your friends and family. Even if the reasons themselves are not as meaningful, your passion and enthusiasm may entice them to be more supportive.

Get Your Team Involved

Nothing is more fun than working on something as a team. Whether you are able to encourage your family to partake in your healthy weeknight meals or entice your colleagues into a friendly health competition, bringing your team together and being each other’s cheerleaders can make the journey so much more fun! Sharing your stories, motivations, and big wins will bring you closer and make each of you more likely to achieve and maintain your goals.

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