Motivation Monday: #FITSPO

by | Jul 6, 2015 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

The hashtag taking the internet by storm, and where you can find your #FITSPO.

#FITSPO – or fitness inspiration – is something that has become a lot more prevalent in today’s digital and health-obsessed world. Precise Portions has taken to social media and found the best #FITSPO for you!

  1. Instagram

Instagram, a social network, is all about sharing images. Whether it’s hot, toned bods, pre- and post- pictures, or motivational quotes, Instagram still reigns King when it comes to finding easy #FITSPO. First, try searching the hashtag and also follow these top ten motivating accounts: @Fitgirlfuel, @jenselter, @muffintopless, @yoga_girl, @CleanEatz, @melissaambrosini, @nataliejillfit, @sportsluxe, @ryancrownsjuiceclub, and @ashruns to start!

  1. Before You Were Hot

Before You Were Hot has a simple interface and shares before and after images and stories to help motivate you. Seeing where the posters are now and where they started can be so inspiring!

  1. Pinterest

Pinterest is another great place to find what people are talking about in a social space. Search #FITSPO for some seriously motivational images, recipes, workouts, and more.

  1. Spark People

Spark People is the largest online weight loss community and as such, it has motivational info coming out of its ears! From articles to images and more, you will find so much information and education at Spark People.

  1. This is Why You’re Thin

This is Why You’re Thin started out initially as a site to push back on This is Why You’re Fat (a blog that recorded delicious images of junk food). Yes, finally a sit that shows healthy food looking as delicious as its unhealthy cousins! Feast your eyes.

  1. Yum Yucky

Yum Yucky is a great blog – a mom discussing her attempt to balance her fitness goals with her love of delicious foods. Her posts are crazy relatable and a joy to read. Her story is so similar to ours and her progress is mighty inspirational.

  1. 43 Things

43 Things is a collection of lists of things that people want to do. This can be anything and everything that you’d like to accomplish! It’s so therapeutic and motivational to write candidly about your dreams – so write on!

  1. Diary of a Fat Woman

Diary of a Fat Woman is another blog, this one of a 28-year old mother of three – Joanna – who is on a quest to lose 113 pounds. Watching other people achieve their goals can sometimes make your seem that much easier. Hey, if Joanna can do it, you can to!

  1. Follow Your Fave Celebs

There is no #FITSPO quite like the #FITSPO you create yourself. Choose your favorite celebs who have your dream body (*ahem* Adrianna Lima?) and follow them on Instagram, Twitter, or other social media. Every time they post a new image, you’ll feel inspired to get up and go for a run – or maybe just to put down the ice cream. Personalizing in this way is the best #FITSPO ever!


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