Nutrition for Teenagers – 3 Vital Healthy Diet Tips

by | Mar 11, 2013 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

As adults we understand the importance of good health. Our teenagers too understand it quite well but their priorities are different and more important to them. Late nights, fast foods, sugary foods and trying out anything prohibited i.e. unhealthy diets and activities figure higher up their agenda than healthy activities and nutrition for teenagers. Still, we need to try and instil basic health consciousness in them or on our part, ensure that we do everything possible to ensure proper nutrition for teenagers. This article lists out 3 easy to adopt healthy diet tips for teenagers.

Understanding Basics of Teenage Nutrition

A young body will absorb more iron, protein, folate, calcium and zinc. These are the vital ingredients that the body counts on for growth and for building a good immune system. It is therefore necessary that food consumed by our teenagers be loaded with these basic nutrients.

Understanding Teenage Concerns

Before we begin, it is vital to understand that puberty hormones cause the body to deposit fat in areas like the thighs, breasts and hips. This is natural growth and also our body defence strategy to help protect us from injuries. Teenagers especially girls think they are getting fat. Reality is different and as a parent, you might need to talk to them about it so that their perceptions do not come in the way of good nutrition for teenagers.

Healthy Diet Tip # 1 Add Natural Color to their Diet

The only way natural color can be added to a diet is by adding variety i.e. diverse ingredients and the best way to do this is through salads. Colors also make the food more appetising and more importantly from a teenage prospective, interesting and attractive.

Healthy Diet Tip # 2 Make Physical Activity an Important Element of Diet

A teenager needs to be physically active for at least an hour each day. Encourage active sports – it is good for their muscle and bone development.

Healthy Diet Tip # 3 Encourage your teenagers to Eat Smart and Drink Smart

Teenagers are not always at home for lunch or dinner. Eating out with friends is a way of life for them. Accept it and encourage them to make the right food choices by explaining to them the bad things that stuff like soda, fries, pastries, alcohol, smoking etc. can do to their bodies.

Life is full of choices – whether they wish to choose beer over fruit juice or pizza instead of Tuna sandwich is up to them but let it be an informed choice. Your teenagers will get pretty prickly about it, but talk to them as often as you can or better still, introduce them to people who have suffered from heart attacks or have diabetes or suffer from other lifestyle related illnesses.

Let your teenagers see for themselves what a bad diet or lifestyle can do.