The Principles of Healthy Eating

by | Jan 11, 2017 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

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The Principles of Healthy Eating

Before we explain the principles of healthy eating, let us begin by asking you a few simple questions like why do we pay so little attention to our stomach? Is it because it never attacks us?

We care so little about our stomachs and digestive system because any amount of abuse to it doesn’t lead to our death. Heard of the term “stomach an insult”? We actually share a very abusive relationship with our stomach. We eat all kinds of junk foods in the world and then go on a ‘detox’ holiday. Why do we do this? Do we really hate ourselves so much?

How often have you smelt someone’s burp? We bet you could tell exactly what that person consumed; French fries, fish, burger and a beer. It’s all sitting there undigested for the world to smell. Some wise person rightly said, why fart and waste, when you can burp and taste? Is this your story too?

The 5 Golden principles of healthy eating

Eat freshly cooked food

The first principle of healthy eating is to eat food that is prepared fresh and consume it within 3 hours of cooking. Don’t freeze it!

Eat your fruits whole

The second principle of healthy eating is that you should eat your fruits whole instead of cutting them into small pieces or worse, blending in a mixer. The moment you cut a fruit the exposed portion begins to oxidize and lose nutrients. Cut fruits quickly decompose and in the process, change color (usually turning brown or black). Big fruits such as melon or papaya should be cut into slices. Never buy pre-packed pre-cut vegetables. These are ‘dead” vegetables having almost zero nutritional value. Buy the whole vegetable and cut it just before you want to eat or cook it.

Eat local produce and seasonal food. Believe it or not, it is a proven fact that climate, altitude, humidity, wind, soil quality etc. influence our digestive system. When you eat an exotic fruit or vegetable or meat that has been imported from afar, your stomach is unable to digest the unfamiliar nutrients that are within that food. Ever wondered why grapes grown in France taste different from those grown elsewhere? So our third principle of healthy eating is to eat local.

Variety is the spice of life

Our fourth principle of healthy eating is to include all types of food in small portions. Include meats, poultry and dairy products, fresh vegetables and fruits leaning more towards fresh vegetables and fresh fruits.

Shut the idiot box

Our fifth principle of healthy eating pertains to how we should eat our food; – in silence. When you have your meal; breakfast, lunch or dinner. Have it in silence. Observe and taste what you eat. Close your eyes when you chew. Eat slowly and savor every morsel of the food. Trust us, this works. When you begin to feel like your stomach is getting full, stop eating. STOP! Stop eating irrespective of whether or not there is food left in the plate. Our belief tells us that it is a crime to waste food – but what about your stomach? Is it okay to abuse it for the sake of your belief? If you follow this principle you will automatically control the quantum of food you consume.