Tools for Healthier Eating: Harnessing the Power of Technology

by | Jun 30, 2015 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

Without question, technology has permeated every aspect of our lives these days. And while technology’s presences brings with it both pros and cons, when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle technology or website tool Plagiarism Checker can definitely be a powerful tool to enlist in making healthier eating easier than ever before.

  1. Do Some Quick Research on the Go. Headed to try a new restaurant? Having a hard time making a decision on what to purchase at the grocery store? You hold the tool you need in the palm of your hand on your smartphone. Use the internet to quickly search for the healthiest menu options at a particular restaurant, find out potential allergens in dishes, or download different free apps to get ratings on the healthfulness of items found in your grocery store.
  2. Create an Electronic Food Journal.  Food journals are an excellent means to work towards healthier eating, but they only work if you actually use them! (link to previous post on food journals?) Increase your odds of keeping up with your food journaling by using a notes feature on your phone or tablet to log the details of your food intake. Since your phone or tablet is likely with you most of the time you’ll be more likely to have a more likely to quickly enter your data and thus have complete journal than if you are constantly forgetting to tote a cumbersome notebook around with you all the time.
  3. Keep Up with Grocery Lists. If you are like most people, the times you when most often give into the temptation of buying junk food at the grocery store is when you shop without a list to give you guidance. Create your list electronically, store it on your phone, and you’ll never be without your list again.
  4. Find Tried and True Healthy Recipes. If you are new to healthy eating you may be wondering where to start. While you could invest in stacks of expensive and space consuming books you may or may not like, the internet has plenty of recipes for you to try out, all with just the click of your mouse. Whether you are aiming for a vegan diet, gluten free diet, Paleo diet, or just want to eat more nutritious meals, you’ll have plenty of resources at your fingertips. Even better, you can also find reviews, comments, and modifications from other healthy cooks to save you from making missteps.