Tools for Healthy Eating: Try a Spiralizer

by | Jul 14, 2015 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

Gone are the carb filled days of decades past. Today’s advances in science and nutrition have shown us that while our bodies do need complex carbohydrates for energy, the refined grains that fill foods like pastas offer little nutritional value and turn almost instantly into harmful sugar when consumed.

To live a healthier life, many nutrition conscious people are looking to add more nutrient dense veggies and cut the processed pasta. Enter the spiralizer. This handy little gadget allows you to turn vegetables into thin spirals that are a perfect replacement for pastas.

Why Do We Need a Better Pasta?

Long ago, your great grandmother may have mixed fresh ground flour together with eggs to create better pastas than many of the options lining store shelves today. Today’s pastas are often full of refined flours and preservatives.

Refined flours cause blood sugar spikes like sugars do. These spikes are then followed by crashes. Not only do these refined carbohydrate induced spikes and crashes cause a severe energy slump, but over time they can also contribute to a host of other problems. Consuming refined carbs is associated with weight gain, internal inflammation, increased chance of disease, and more. With all these problems, it’s time to pitch the pasta from the menu and find a better replacement.

How Can a Spiralizer Help You Practice Healthier Eating?

The clever spiralizer tool provides the solution for people who want to serve up traditional pasta-based dishes, but with a healthier twist. Check out why a spiralizer may be the tool you need to make healthier eating easier for you and your family!

Perform Versatile Tasks. We get it; kitchen real estate can be limited. If a gadget wants space in your kitchen it needs to be able to earn its keep by performing useful functions. A spiralizer will allow you to all sorts of vegetables like zucchini, squash, carrots, beets, and more into tasty spirals. Additionally, you can use one to turn baking and sweet potatoes into oven baked fries to create a healthy alternative to the fried restaurant rival.

Easy on Your Wallet. With pricy professional grade chef tools becoming all the rage in personal kitchens, it is refreshing to find a simple kitchen tool with a low price point. You can add this tool for healthier eating to your kitchen for as little as ten dollars. Even the fanciest models should still come in at less than 50.00. A win for your health and your wallet!

Sneak in More Veggies. Sneaky may not sound like a positive attribute at first glance, but if you are looking to sneak more veggies into your diet or your family’s diet, the spiralizer is the tool to help you. By making veggie “noodles” the base of your meals you’ve automatically increased your veggie intake. Layer some more veggies on top of your veggie spirals and you have a meal to impress any dietician!

The Bottom Line: Whether you are looking cut out refined carbs, add in more veggies, or do both, this simple tool may be just the thing you need to make that goal easier!