Weight Loss and Group Dynamics

by | Sep 10, 2012 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

Group dynamics is a very powerful tool. Take street gangs for example, group dynamics is the only tool at play. The peers within the group set the standards and control the group. A group could be formed to achieve something good (as in weight loss or curing addiction) or something bad (as in pushing drugs).

For this reason, group dynamics is a double edged sword – traits (good and bad) of leaders in a group will be quickly picked up by members of the group. This is why students at some colleges are notorious whereas students at some other colleges have a good reputation. It all boils down to group dynamics.

Positive influence of group dynamics to weight loss efforts

If a bunch of like-minded people form a group with the intention of helping themselves achieve their weight loss and health goals, then the goals can be achieved faster through sharing of information within the group. Each member does not have to reinvent the wheel; instead they can gain from each other’s experiences.

Members who have added weight instead of losing it also provide invaluable information on what not to do and what can go wrong. Successful diets and not so successful ones, injuries while exercising and how to deal with such injuries; causes of pain in various parts of the body, when to expect results, types of weighting machines, blood pressure meters, sensors and so on.

Perhaps the most beneficial outcome of group dynamics in weight loss comes from peer pressure.

You are encouraged not to give up and will benefit from such encouragement as well as experiences of people who were on the verge of giving up but continued exercising and dieting ultimately went on to achieve their target weight loss goals.

Group dynamics provides the ideal environment for emotional support

and enthusiastic motivation to help participants get maximum results in minimum time. Members do not have to experiment around or try and figure out for themselves which exercises and diets work and which don’t. The group will have members who have been there and done that and therefore be in a position to guide other members.

Every participating member will learn what it takes to get a lean, healthy and develop an attractive body. Sadly, many people rely on infomercials and newsstand tabloids for their fitness information and weight loss solutions. A weight loss group on the other hand, can set the record straight on what it takes to optimize metabolism so you could be burning fat all day long. Advice from your weight loss group could save you time, energy and money and more importantly, ensure you achieve your ideal weight target.

Fitness classes can be intimidating; even more so when you feel self-conscious about your looks. A weight loss group on the other hand, consists of similar people, some experienced and some not but all of whom, are on the same journey to good health and wellness.

Search for and locate a weight loss group in your neighborhood;

one that would permit you to try out the group for a week. It is important that there be at least a couple of members who have achieved their weight loss goals.

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