Weight Loss Plan – Commitment Is Vital

by | Jun 22, 2011 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

Now that we know the difference between body weight and body fat – time to talk about commitment and how vital it is for our success in body fat reduction journey (or weight loss journey – as many like to call it 😉 )

In my weight loss formulae I had written about selecting nutritious food, counting the calories and how a slight deficiency in the calorie intake verses calorie utilized through regular activity and exercise will tip the scales in your favor. Most of my clients follow my advice with gusto and few days down the line call me up to say they feel better already. However when they visit my clinic a few months down the line, I find they are either as they were or in some cases, have actually gained a couple of pounds.

The speed breaker to successful weight loss is not hard to find and in all cases it was the same – commitment or rather, the lack of it.

We are used to eating pizzas, ice creams, French fries, burgers and so on. These foods have become a habit. Our body is used to it. If you used to have a pizza once a week then sure enough at the end of the first week of your weight loss plan, you will crave for that pizza. My clients assume that since pizza is in the non-nutritious item list they should not eat it and therefore avoid visiting the pizza parlor. I say don’t fight it. But instead of visiting the pizza parlor and falling victim to other enticements,

order a small pizza at home and have only a 1/8 portion of it.

Share the rest with other family members, friends, neighbors or simply bag it. In doing so, you satisfy you’re cravings for comfort food as well as keep your food intake under control. The day you indulge yourself in this manner, consider an extra half hour of exercise.

I may be a dietician and personal trainer but I’m also human and recognize the difficulties of changing old habits.

Don’t ignore your craving for certain foods because if you do, it will sooner or later lead you to binge on them and then all you have achieved will have gone for a toss. Instead, limit your portion sizes. Remember that the craving for junk food does not come from the stomach – it comes from the mind. The mind being a powerful tool also understands the changed scenario and a tiny portion will more than satisfy it.

Along with the small portion of comfort food that you desired, have some fresh fruit

– an apple or orange or slice of papaya or something like that. While the taste of the comfort food will satisfy your mind, the combination of foods will satisfy your stomach. Stay focused, stay committed to your diet and live a long, fruitful and healthy life.

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