Weight Management Program

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Weight Management Program

Most of us are obsessed with our bodies. Either it is the skin tone, our face, or our legs or butt or our weight. This article helps you deal with the latter part i.e. your body weight. We normally associate a weight management program with weight loss. The two are without doubt inter-connected but weight management program is not a weight loss program.

Weight Management Program helps you either reduce or increase your weight so you reach a healthy body weight and a healthy weight-to-fat ratio for your height, age, gender and physical activity level. Once you have reached your ideal weight (or if you already are at your ideal weight), weight management program will help you maintain your weight so it does not vary too much.

Ideally, each Weight Management Program needs to be customized to the individual. There is no one-plan-fits-all Weight Management Program. For example, some people are pure vegetarian while others are allergic to certain foods and yet others might be unable to digest certain foods. Usually a professional nutritionist will ascertain your ideal body weight, current fat percentage, food and eating habits as well as level of physical activity. The nutritionist will also need to know your objectives i.e. whether you merely need to control your weight or whether you need to tone up your body and muscles.

Based on the information your nutritionist is able to garner, a customized Weight Management Program will be designed so that your specific goals will be met; if necessary, the nutritionist will also recommend a physical trainer.

Should we all be concerned about our weight?
Weight Management Programs are increasing in importance because it is becoming more relevant in the current scenario of increased availability of junk and fat impregnated super rich foods. Also, over time, increased incomes and changes in the way we work as well as our lifestyles, have led to more people eating outside their homes resulting in consumption of large quantum of unhealthy food in turn leading to obesity and related health problems. In fact, a recent health study indicates that by the year 2030 as much as 88% of Americans will be obese. This in turn has promoted the US government to enact a few measures aimed at helping people curtail their appetite for junk food. If you feel you are overweight, corrective measures should be taken at the earliest. Our body has a great propensity to heal itself and we need to do everything in our power to help it do so.

Why is it necessary to hire a nutritionist or physical trainer?
The effort spent on managing weight is so great that for most people, overweight is a chronic ‘yo-yo’ problem i.e. when effort is put, there is a minor reduction in weight. But because the effort required is huge, even the slightest relaxation or break in the effort leads to a re-gain of lost weight. This is called the ‘yo-yo’ effect. And yet, we can win if there is a strategy and clear path to follow.

Our bodies, our needs, levels of physical activity, metabolism and objectives differ from each other. Because of these differences, it is not feasible to design a one-plan-fits-all Weight Management Program. Also, designing a diet is much more complex than counting calories and ensuring all food groups are included on the plate. Your physical fitness trainer and nutritionist will need to work together and put in place a customized strategy that usually involves a combination of diet and exercise. Only a clear cut goal oriented, Weight Management Program based on sound nutritional and physical fitness science can help you succeed.