What Are the Benefits of Drinking Lemon Juice?

by | Jan 10, 2013 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

Research has confirmed what Ancient Egyptians believed – lemon juice is an excellent protection against a number of ailments. The Romans too had great faith in the healing powers of lemon – they even used it to counteract poisons.

What’s in the lemon juice?

The humble lemon is packed with Vitamin C, magnesium, citric acid, phosphorus, potassium, bioflavonoids, pectin and calcium, substances that boost the immunity in addition to giving the fruit antiviral and antibacterial powers. If you wish to enjoy good health, drinking lemon juice is one basic lifestyle habit that can be followed religiously.

What then are the benefits of drinking lemon juice?

Here are 5 well known benefits that withstand scrutiny of modern scientific investigation:

# 1 Lemon juice is a detoxifying agent

Well, firstly, lemon juice taken with warm water in the morning acts as a preventive measure against various ailments. Drinking lemon juice in a glass of hot water every morning serves as a detoxifying agent – it cleanses the gall bladder by eliminating body waste. Lemons are a good source of Vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant that acts against impurities in the body. This in turn strengthens the immune system which plays an important role in maintaining good health.

# 2 Lemon juice keeps your liver in good shape

Lemon juice contains phosphorus that aids the body in digestion and encourages the liver to make more bile. Lemon juice taken along with hot water an hour prior to breakfast alleviates liver problems. Drinking lemon juice benefits people suffering from constipation, and its regular intake prevents heartburn and belching.  Lemon juice functions as a diuretic; with its ability to rid the body of toxins and harmful bacteria, it can help clear urinary tract infections. People with arthritis and gout tend to store large quantities of uric acid in the body. In such cases, lemon juice helps in flushing out the excess uric acid. Lemon juice also helps regulate blood pressure. Taken with cold water, lemon juice can stop hemorrhages.

# 3 Drinking lemon juice benefits the skin

Benefits of lemon juice are not only seen for the digestive tract, but also in skin care. A glass of warm water mixed with juice of half a lemon rejuvenates the skin and prevents blemishes. Lemon juice is known to slow the ageing process as it prevents the formation of wrinkles on the skin.  When applied topically, it serves as an antiseptic, helps to relieve sunburn, removes blackheads and reduces scars. It is no wonder that lemon juice is used to treat insect bites and bee stings.

# 4 Lemon juice as an obesity fighter

Drinking lemon juice everyday (diluted in water) balances out the pH levels by reducing the overall acidity of the body. Being high in pectin fiber, lemons serve to stave off hunger, thus causing you to eat less and maintain a healthy weight.

# 5 Lemon juice for delivery from stress

Lemon juice had with hot water is an excellent stress reliever, especially if you have it at breakfast instead of tea or coffee. The antiseptic properties of lemon juice help to ease a painful sore throat – frequently gargle with diluted lemon juice; this aids the healing process.

The benefits of lemon juice combined with water work wonders for your health. Not only is it a natural healer, it is also a simple and healthy way to keep away infections, common cold and influenza. So, make sure to include lemon juice in our healthy eating plan.