What You Need to Know about Grass Fed Beef

by | Aug 5, 2015 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

We know what you are probably thinking: beef is not a new food. While it is true that beef is not a new food, paying attention to the importance of what the cattle we get our beef from eats is a newer phenomenon. Studies are showing that it is not only important to make healthy food choices about what we eat, it is also crucial for the animals we use as food sources to be fed healthy dietary choices. Read on to find out why you want the cows that are used for your burgers and steaks to dine only on grass!

What Is Grass Fed Beef?

Grass fed beef refers to beef that comes from cows who are raised eating grass, rather than corn and other grains. Grass is what cows were intended to eat, but along the way it has become far cheaper to feed cows a corn mixture to fatten them up quickly. Just as when we eat foods (like processed foods) that we were never intended to eat we are not at our best, nor are cows.


Why Try Grass Fed Beef?

The nutritional profile of grass fed beef is far more impressive than that of grain fed beef. Not only is grass fed beef leaner than grain fed beef, it also offers a multitude of nutritional advantages. Grass fed beef has been shown to have as much as five times as much vitamin E as its grain fed counterparts. Additionally, it can have close to six times more omega 3s. These essential fatty acids are critical for both brain, heart, and cellular health. CLA (conjugated linoleic acids) levels are also higher in grass fed beef than grain fed beef.  CLAs are associated with having protective factors against cancer. Finally, some beef connoisseurs claim that even the flavor of grass fed beef is superior, though you’ll have to make that decision for yourself!


How Do I Add Grass Fed Beef to My Diet?

Use grass fed beef in any meals or recipes you would use conventionally raised beef. To balance out its slightly higher price point, you may wish to use a bit less beef add more vegetables to your meal to save money. As an added bonus, adding more vegetables to any meal will add even more health benefits to your meal!