Why Do People Overeat

by | Dec 10, 2012 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

Why Do People OvereatPeople overeat for a variety of reasons and most of these works at the subconscious level. Identifying a few of these reasons will help us combat the menace and directly assist us in our fight against the bulge. Here are top 5 reasons why people overeat:

# 1 Years of eating supersized meals – we are ‘trained’ to overeat.

It is an acknowledged fact that restaurants have been actively promoting and serving supersized meals. The more food they can put on your plate, the more they sell and more the profitability of the establishment. The technique is quite simple. A smaller quantity of food is priced more. Thus, a single burger might be priced at (say) $5 whereas a burger with fries and a large soda might be priced at $7. Since we are getting much more for an additional $2, we think we are making a better choice in selecting the second option. Separating the economies of buying food with your actual need will help you beat the trend.

# 2 Robotic actions lead people to overeating

When tired, we automatically raid the vending machine or visit the nearest hotdog vendor because we equate tiredness with lack of energy. When you are tired, ask yourself if you are really hungry. Base your actions on the answer your body gives you. If you just tired at not hungry, try a cup of tea or coffee while talking to a friend or playing a game of chess. Change your routine from “I stuff myself when I am tired” to “I try pick-me-up actions” when tired. Even a 5 minute cat nap can work wonders and prevent you from overeating.

# 3 Perceived notions can lead to overeating

Some people love to eat nuts or chips when they are thinking over a problem. They think that munching on something while deep in thought, stimulates their brain. You can break the habit by using a paper and a pencil – jot down points as you think. Doodle, draw diagrams or flowcharts or whatever helps your thinking process. Initially you will have to do it consciously but later on, it will automatically replace the habit of having to open a bag of chips or nuts.

# 4 Alcohol helps you overeat

After a few rounds of alcohol, there is an automatic craving for salty, fatty food. Recognize this in advance and prepare yourself. You can either order a healthy meal or reduce your alcohol consumption. Remember, alcohol too has calories and adds to your fat content.

# 5 Eating quickly can lead to overeating

When we eat, various factors come into play because of which, our stomach requires at least 20 minutes to calculate and transmit the ‘full’ signal. If you empty your plate in less than 20 minutes, there’s every possibility you will go for a second helping. Eating slowly is the key. We may live in a ‘fast’ world but our body has not kept pace with it.

There are also other reasons for overeating including emotional eating disorders. Whatever be the reason, if you think you are a victim of overeating, you should analyze the cause and take corrective measures. In most cases, corrective measures just involve common sense. Emotional eating disorders might require professional consultation. Whatever be the case, the sooner you act, the less likely you are to suffer the consequences of overeating. Also read some tips on how to stop overeating.