Why Does Tomorrow Always Seem a Better Day to Start?

by | Nov 18, 2011 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

Like kids, adults also are hooked with routine.  For years you have probably rushed to work in the mornings, skipping breakfast, multi-tasking with a hurried lunch, buried in paper work, head home to enjoy a sumptuous dinner with your loved ones, put your feet up or curl up in the couch, relax with a bowl of popcorn or some other favorite finger food as you watch the evening news or sit com series.  It is then followed by a bedtime snack of your favorite cake or ice cream, before heading to bed.  It’s become your routine.  It’s become your habit.

Yet, when you think of changing, in your mind you instantly say “it’s a hard habit to break”.

There are times when you insist that you are “okay”.  That you are not sick (yet!), you are still healthy by your own measure.  It seems that there is no hurry, you can still dilly dally.  But isn’t it better to focus on prevention than to be caught up with time… today, but end up wishing you started being a little bit more caring of your body years ago because you finally see the signs you are becoming sick.  Your blood pressure is rising, your joints are aching, your blood sugar is high, or heaven forbid, you get to the point of hearing those most hated words attached to your name such as heart attack, diabetes and cancer.

“I will start tomorrow” is one of the most common of all broken promises.

This issue becomes our excuse, our fake assurance that we are dealing with the problem. We are aware. We know.  But we are pretending not to know just so we won’t have to start.  We are deceiving no one else but ourselves.  We are cheating our life of the good health we could have with healthy eating habits.  Stop planning how to dodge but plan how to hit the target.  Your goal should be “to be happy for a long time”.  And you won’t be if you are sick.  And you won’t be if you don’t eat right.

Start today, not tomorrow.

Because if you say tomorrow… it will be another tomorrow come tomorrow, and so on.  So it has to be TODAY!