Your Food and Disease

by | Jan 11, 2017 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

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Healthy Eating Facts – Your Food and Disease

“90% of all human diseases originate from the stomach”

The first healthy eating fact is that there is an intimate relationship between the food you eat and the health status of your body. When we are young (under 40), we feel we can eat anything and it will be digested. This is not entirely true. It would be like saying you can put any fuel in the gas tank of your new car and it would be okay so long as you keep the car running.

Even for individuals with high levels of physical activity, bad (junk) foods begin to trigger the clogging of the blood vessels and degrading the functioning of various organs in the body. The effect is not immediately visible but the process begins as soon as we eat junk food. Individuals with low levels of physical activity have an additional problem – the excess of calories consumed over that used during the day gets stored as fat thus making them overweight or obese.

As if the above was not enough cause for concern, the second healthy eating fact is that modern day canned foods, preservatives, colors, artificial flavoring, artificial sweeteners, substitutes and additives further complicate matters. While it is extremely difficult to prove the link between high incidents of cancer and the type of food we eat, the fact that cancer rates in developed countries exceed those of developing countries and that we eat less fresh, natural foods than the people in developing countries do, is an indicator that we really need to watch what we stuff into our mouths.

The third healthy eating fact is that the safest way to stay free of diseases is to rely less on Chinese takeaways, microwave meals and deep fried foods while including more fresh fruits and vegetables in our daily diet. By making this adjustment we not only stop eating foods that are potentially harmful to our bodies, we actually lower the risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer and cataracts. In fact, eating at least a third of our meal in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables will cut the risk of cancer in HALF!

The forth healthy eating fact is that you can eat right by using a portion control plate (portion control plates and scoops are available online on a lot of websites or at your local crockery store). Use a portion control plate and cover half of it with greens or fruit. Use half of the remaining space (i.e. 1/4th of total space on plate) for protein, and remainder for starch or grain.

The fifth healthy eating fact is that fruits and veggies contain health-enhancing compounds called phytochemicals (besides vitamins, minerals and fibers), and these will help reduce the risk of chronic and fatal diseases, such as diabetes, arthritis, cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Healthy eating is all about making the right food choices. By eating right you can control blood cholesterol levels, ward off arthritis, prevent certain types of cancer, heart disease and stroke, control blood pressure and guard against cataracts and macular degeneration. Eating more vegetables helps you prevent diverticulitis – a painful intestinal ailment.

Your choice of food along with moderate levels of physical activities or exercises has a significant effect on your overall health, well-being and self-esteem.