7 Foods that boost your metabolism

by | Dec 24, 2012 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

Foods that boost your metabolismBoosting your metabolism means burning up more calories than normal and helping reduce your flab. So here are 7 fantastic foods that boost your metabolism:

# 1 Water – the free metabolism booster

Water is a great metabolism booster. Our body needs water to extract calories from food. Keeping yourself constantly hydrated ensures that your metabolism does not slow down. Staying hydrated ensures all your organs including your brain are nicely ticking over and you remain active and alert. The more hydrated you stay, the more calories you burn. But remember to hydrate through water and not beverages or alcohol.

# 2 Eating five small meals instead of two large ones speeds up your metabolism.

Whatever we do requires energy i.e. calories. With every meal we consume, our body has to spend calories to digest it. Five small meals therefore utilize a lot more calories than two large meals. When there is a large gap between meals, our metabolism slows down. Keeping the gap small through small meals ensures our metabolism stays active.

# 3 Spice Up Your Meals

Spices contain chemical enzymes that act as metabolism boosters. A spicy meal therefore boosts your metabolism. Adding just a tablespoon of chopped chili pepper will send your metabolism into top gear. When in restaurants (or even at home), you can achieve a quick boost with red-pepper flakes.

# 4 Foods that boost your metabolism: Protein

Protein takes longer to digest therefore, the body burns many more calories to digest protein. Adding small quantities of proteins to your daily diet ensures your metabolism ticks at a higher gear than normal.

# 5 Black Coffee is a great food that boosts your metabolism

Wondered why coffee boosts your energy? The chemical enzymes present in coffee boosts your energy and also your metabolism. To keep the calorie count low and metabolism rate high, switch to black coffee.

# 6 Broccoli is a fantastic food for boosting your metabolism

Broccoli contains Vitamin C and calcium both are excellent metabolism boosters. An added benefit is that Broccoli is also a “goitrogenic” – it slows down the production of thyroid hormones in people with thyroid disease.

# 7 Ginger is yet another fantastic food for boosting your metabolism

Adding ginger to your preparation has several health benefits; it will decrease appetite (great if you are trying to lose weight), it will aid digestion and simultaneously increase your metabolic rates after eating.

Other general ways you can boost your metabolism include exercising and staying active. Read more about the combination of healthy eating and exercise.

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