Diet Tips: What Is Portion Control Dinnerware?

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For anyone trying to lose weight, we all know that the experience can be frustrating. Diets can lead to struggles that sometimes bear little or no effect on our body weight. People follow fad diets believing this will be the answer, but only to easily abandon this as soon as they see the lack of results.

The fact is, your eating habits may have a lot to do with the way you manage your diet. These habits, developed from your childhood and carried over as you age, may be healthy habits you learn from home in the beginning. But several experiences in your life may have lead you to develop other habits that makes you eat when you’re depressed, tired, stressed and even happy.

Understanding Potion Control

According to dieticians, eating three meals a day, along with two snacks in between, is the best way to go about our diet and weight control. We simply must learn to have meals and snacks that have all the food groups well-represented on our plates. This is what it means by portion control, which will ensure that our body gets the optimum nutrients so that we can function better.

There have been studies that prove the effectiveness of portion control when it comes to losing or maintaining those pounds in a better and more natural way. The technique may be hard to master at first, since you may still fall back on those eating habits you’ve grown accustomed to over the years. But with the help of what is called as the potion control dinnerware, the method may become easier to incorporate in the daily diet.

What is Portion Control Dinnerware?

Developed following the guidelines set by the  American Dietetic Association, as well as the American Diabetes Association, this tool is a good way to carry out weight management.

It consists of a plate, one bowl, an extra plate for dessert, and a glass. The dinnerware has distinctive marks and lines indicating how much of what type of food you should consume with every meal. This set is available in the market and comes from different brands. Some are even made to look like actual nice dinnerware and can be microwave and dishwasher safe as well.

The sections or portioning you usually find from this type of dinnerware include vegetables, meats and grains. The glass and the bowls are marked with numbers, so that if you eat or drink something with high calorie, you can choose to only take a fourth of it and still feel satiated. The bowl is also good to use for snacking. The dessert plate comes in just the right size, to give you the right portion of calories you can take from sweets.

Some sets also offer covered plates with the indicators and lines. But you can take this with you for work, and use the cover if you want to be discreet about eating under potion control.

Who Benefits from Portion Control Dinnerware?

If you make the habit of using the portion control dinnerware every time, you will eventually learn to literally watch what you eat in no time. Consequently, you will also notice a huge improvement to your weight, as well as reduce any health risks that would’ve been bothering you if you did not learn to eat better.

Those who are suffering from diabetes and other conditions where weight gain is crucial, can reap a lot of advantage from using portion control dinnerware.

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