Do You Truly Want to Lose Weight?

by | Oct 7, 2011 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

MOTIVATION is what we need to push us to truly go into our plan of losing weight.

Most often we hear ourselves saying we have to lose weight. And that’s it.  We know we need to lose weight, and we want to lose those unwanted bulges but we can’t seem to take the first step.  We get overwhelmed with the calorie counting, we get lazy with the very thought of measuring food serving and portion size all the time, we are scared off with exercise… and we  end up saying “tomorrow I  will really start” then we go back to the routine of saying it again the day after, a week after or a month after.  You have to have a motivational technique or even tools and equipment.  May it be as big as a whole gym in your room to remind you of your need to gear on health and fitness, or as small but as effective tool as portion control placemats serve as reminders to you with each meal you take for you to navigate to the path to good dieting and good health.

For some of us, we might have to trick our brain into losing weight… Watch the video below – it’s a report on ABC News on the topic.

Losing weight is a challenge as well as a responsibility for our own body to reach the goal of being healthy.  We know ourselves better than anyone else therefore we should be the one to know what are the stumbling blocks for us to do exactly what we need to lose weight and think of ways to cross the line of holding back.

If it is KNOWLEDGE that keeps you from starting simply because you have no idea what to eat or not to eat as well as how much you have to eat,

and what will be the effect of going through (or not going through) with your plan to lose weight, seek professional advice.  Nutritionists and Dietitians can explain to you everything there is to know.  The food that you are starting to fear and have no respect over will be revealed to you. The importance of each essential nutrient and their contribution to health, their values for every serving or what professionals call “exchange”, until to the point of knowing that you don’t have to starve yourself or stop yourself from your cravings…and still be on the right weight.  Portion control is helpful to put that learning into easy use..

If it is the DESIRE to start or the PUSH to continue on once you have started, you need tools as much as ideas to make the diet regime and exercise sessions enjoyable and light.

Because if doing so feels like a burden, there is a greater chance that along the way you might suddenly give up.  Yes, there should be conviction.   There should be this bird’s eye view of what you will be once you reach your goal to motivate you.  There should also be things to make it easier every time. And one of these effective tools is Precise Portions and their products for you to use everyday to assist you with your meals.  See yourself cooking the advised non-fatty foods and serving them on 3 Section Microwaveable Portion Control Lunch Plate that is readily made for the appropriate portions, the portion control plate that you can take anywhere you go, the dietitian-designed portion control dinnerware system that makes it easy to eat well; all trouble free to avoid stress with just measuring.  They have so much more items to guide you into achieving your dream of finally managing your diabetes, to help lower down your cholesterol or to simply be on your best health.  With the reminders and guidelines right there on your dinner plate plus the placemats with guide that had been specifically designed by the American Dietetic Association and the American Diabetics Association, there is no chance for you to have doubts on what you have done.

If it is SUPPORT SYSTEM, the family always is the most effective support system.

The dieting can be made easier if they back you up on your goal.  How hard will it be to be strict with your meals when they eat with you and in their plate will be mountains of food?  Resisting temptation is hard and if on the table will be platters of unhealthy but inviting foods, it will not be surprising if you will succumb to it.  Children also will follow the elders, and so if you have kids on the table with you, healthy foods only and healthy attitudes like proper portioning of food have to always be observed.  Love your family.  Love yourself.

Go towards healthy living and live towards good health.