Eating Healthy On the Run

by | May 13, 2021 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

Eating Healthy On the Run

We all have our ‘big days’. Days of high excitement when we know we are going to be busy and we are not going to have the time to even breathe. When we communicate this to our brain, it releases more adrenaline in anticipation of the extra energy that might be required. But we need to remember that adrenaline is a very short term energy booster – more like an instant burst of energy.

To really see us through our ‘big day’ we need a ‘long run’ booster. The best, cheapest and healthiest source of long run booster is high carbohydrate food. However, carbohydrate on its own will not do as it needs to be taken in combination with other foods so it can metabolize efficiently and release energy. Here then are our recipes for your big day and may it help you shine bright.

Eating healthy on the run tip # 1: Power up with Protein and complex Carbs

Start your big day with a healthy breakfast consisting of protein – think egg, turkey or chicken recipes. For complex carbohydrate think peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread. Top up with fruit juice.

Eating healthy on the run tip # 2: Add mini boosters

Two hours after breakfast, have a high-fiber, carbohydrate-rich snack. Something like half a cup of high-fiber cereal topped with nuts and half teaspoon of honey.

Eating healthy on the run tip # 3: Add traffic stops

Add small 10 minute breaks. Trust us you can do it – the World is not going to end during your ultra small 10 minute break. A break in your activity does not mean sitting down at a meeting. A break is doing absolutely nothing. Doing absolutely nothing for 10 minutes will not only help you overcome fatigue, it actually gets more done in the course the day. Think of yourself as the woodcutter who stops to sharpen his (or her) axe.

Eating healthy on the run tip # 4: Add a mini jog

Sounds strange, but this works very well. If your big day involves mostly sitting at marathon meetings or has little physical activity, take a 2 minute jog down the corridor. When you jog adrenaline and energy is released. And this serves as an instant ‘perk up’.

Eating healthy on the run tip # 5: Add a 3-minute Meditation

The fatigue-fighting effects of meditation are too well documented to be ignored. There’s no need to be dramatic and add candles or incense. Just sit quietly on your chair and meditate on the activities up to that moment. You will not only feel refreshed but might also have a few brainwaves.

Eating healthy on the run tip # 6: Power lunch

Don’t skip it. It will hardly take 10 minutes. Give yourself either a whole wheat bread Tuna sandwich with salad or whole wheat bread Turkey sandwich with salad. Top up with fruit juice.