Healthy Eating – More Principles of Eating Right

by | May 30, 2011 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

If you’re landing on our blog for the first time, you may want to start reading this series from the first principle of eating right and read onward ;) In any case, my clients always ask me what, if anything, can they eat in between meals. And the key there is to

always eat only one thing at a time for all in between meals –

peanuts, cheese, nuts, milk, yogurt (avoid flavored yogurt), soy milk or whey protein shakes. These foods are wholesome and are higher in protein content which we are always in danger of bring deficient. Proteins stabilize blood sugar, help you think faster and support sedentary activities without getting converted to fat.

Eat more when you are more active and eat less when you are less active

When you car is idling it needs less gas than when it is speeding along the freeway. So also, we must adjust the amount of food we eat based on our activity levels. So does this mean that if our activity decreases we need not eat the five small meals a day? Absolutely not! You must break up your meals into five small meals a day. What changes is the quantity at each meal.

When you wake up in the morning the body’s metabolic rate picks up which means that sitting and reading in the morning is a bigger calorie burner than sitting and reading in the evening. It therefore is obvious that you should

eat more in the morning and progressively less as the day progresses.

Your last meal before retiring for the day should be the smallest in volume. Conversely, you should increase your activity level as the day progresses. We put on weight because we are no longer active and don’t give a damn about the relationship between our body, activity and the food we eat. We either skip breakfast or hurriedly stuff toast down our throat before rushing off to save the world. What usually follows is a day of inadequate food and calories. Towards the end of the day we are tired and hungry and commence stuffing ourselves at the first fast food outlet we come across. Unfortunately, this is also the time when our body’s metabolic rate is reduced to a third. Instead of winding down we ambush the stomach with loads of (usually junk) food which of course does not get digested, gets converted to fat and also we end up with gas filled bloated bellies, stomach cramps, acidity, etc.

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