How to Gain Motivation to Lose Weight

by | Jul 19, 2012 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

Gaining motivation to lose weight and keeping the focus on your weight loss program is single biggest challenge that most obese people face. Our experts explain the three most important steps to staying focused and to gain motivation to lose weight. Read on.

Step 1: Answer the question why you need to lose weight

To gain motivation to lose weight, you need to set yourself a desired goal. A desired goal is not a rough number or a precise number (as in desire to lose 10 pounds). A desire goal must answer the question “why?” i.e. why do you wish to lose weight, or what is your purpose in losing weight.

Take a walk in the park today, sit by yourself on a bench or be somewhere where you can sit quietly and meditate on the question. As you think about it, several answers will pop into your mind. Some answers will appear to be better than the others. Run your mind over each of the answers and select the best answer – the single most important reason to lose weight.

Here’s the secret – the answer you’ve chosen, must make you feel compelled to do something about your excess weight. If you don’t feel compelled, then the answer you’ve found is not the right one and you have some more thinking and searching to do.

Once you are sure on the “why” part, memorize it. If required, write in bold letters someplace you can see it every day.

Step 2: Locate your weight release trigger

After you’ve figured out the “why” part of the need to lose weight, the next step to gain motivation to lose weight, is to locate your weight release trigger. Let us explain.

The trigger is usually connected with one of these two sensations:

  • Pleasure
  • Pain

Some will dream of how they will look in the new dress or tux. They will dream of people congratulating them on their new look. They will picture the envy on the faces of their friends. For all these people, the trigger is pleasure. If you are one of them, focus on your pleasure points – see yourself entering a party in your new smaller sized attire. Dream it, feel the pleasure of your newly found confidence. Hear the congratulations pour in. Record this like a 3D video in your mind and play it back to yourself daily.

Others will dream of not being alone; of finding a partner or a wife or a husband or not having to continue with insulin injections or not having to constantly be the butt of ‘fat man’ or ‘fat women’ jokes. For all these people, getting rid of the pain is the trigger.

Step 3: Focus on your trigger to lose weight

So to gain motivation to lose weight, focus! See your trigger in 3D cinemascope. See it in a larger than life picture in full color. See yourself in your new clothes. See yourself meeting people and in your mind, hear the comments on your new look. Blush! Expand your chest; feel proud of your achievement. Write it down along with the “why”. Read it every day and expand on it least you forget.

Once you have both answers in hand, immediately hit the gym or aerobics session or whatever your weight lose program calls for. Play the “why” and the trigger in your mind daily – do it before the exercise.