Is the Portion Control Plate a Balanced Diet Plate?

by | Oct 17, 2011 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

The answer to this question lies in knowing what constitutes a balanced diet plate. A balanced diet plate is a plate that consists of fruit, proteins, grains, vegetables and dairy products. Our aim should be that each meal, especially lunch and dinner, be well balanced.

A well-designed portion control plate should have at least two discreet markings.

One-half of the plate is for vegetables and fruits and the other half should be divided into two parts (60/40) one for grains (the larger one) and one part for proteins. Any portion control plate that accurately demarcates the plate into 50%-30%-20% is a balanced diet plate. (Assuming of course, you use the plate for vegetables, fruit, grains and meat and not pizza, burgers, French fries and ice cream.)

I am very happy I started using the portion control plates made by Precise Portions, because:

  • They are made of porcelain china and not cheap plastic.
  • They are elegant and blend well with existing cookware at home.
  • The demarcations on the plate are discreet and blend in nicely with the design. So I can use them even when having guests for dinner.
  • Switching over to portion control plates has brought about a semblance of control on the quantum of food we eat. Each time I spoon food on to the plate, I am more conscious of your actions
  • Last but not least, every time I serve food using the portion control plates, I know that my family gets a balanced diet meal.

Portion control is not only about the plates, though.

Along with the portion control plates, I also bought portion control glasses, bowls and spoons. My son loves Coke and would consume the entire bottle of Coke in one go. Now, I use the portion glasses. These are 6-inch tall, 10oz glasses. I pour Coke into it until it is three-quarters full and then add a couple of fancy party ice cubes. Now instead of a full bottle of Coke, my son consumes roughly 8 to 9oz of Coke at a time and even this I try to limit to no more than two glasses a day. For every glass of Coke, I first make him drink a glass of water. That way he not only gets more water into him, he does not hanker for more Coke.

Ever since I took delivery of my Precise Portions plates, I have stopped keeping extra food on the table. Now my family only eats what has been put on the balanced diet plate. Thanks to Precise Portion Plates, each of us now has a balanced diet plate along with a bowl of salad and low fat yogurt on the side.

Even if you do not have to lose any weight; if you are a health conscious person, I definitely recommend a switch to Precise Portions plates – they are so in line with USDA’s ‘MyPlate’ diet and nutrition recommendation.