Why Choose Porcelain over Glass Portion Control Plates

by | Jun 7, 2012 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

If you are wondering whether to select porcelain or glass portion control plates, we recommend porcelain over glass because nothing can match the charm, beauty and scratch resistant qualities of porcelain. Read on and we shall tell you more.

These days one finds portion control plates are a part of most modern kitchens. Some buy melamine, some plastic (ugh!), some prefer glass. We suspect that people who have plastic portion control plates probably bought it from some magazine that had poor or little description of the product.

Why porcelain is so much better than glass

Anyone who has seen well designed, well painted porcelain cutlery will agree that porcelain is wonderful to behold. It is cool to the touch; ultra smooth in finish, doesn’t etch from detergent use with time, and if covered with fine design, can literally take your breath away. It is the ability to have exquisite designs on porcelain that has made them so popular centuries after it emerged fromChina.

As a health conscious person, if you need to have portion control plates and glasses in your kitchen, why not add a touch of class to it? Go porcelain! Avoid selecting something as antiseptic or as insipid as glass. Restaurants known for their fine dining experience, use porcelain plates not glass plates. Food served in exquisitely painted porcelain plates looks so much better than food served in glass plates.

A porcelain plate is so wonderful to look at

A well crafted porcelain plate is not only wonderful to look at; it transforms every surface it is placed on, into an instant work of art. Apart from this visual quality, porcelain is also highly durable. Most houses have porcelain plates that have been in use for several generations. Despite being in use for several dozen years if not more, the plates still retain their shine and elegance. Additionally, porcelain plates manufactured today are also more scratch, impact and chip resistant.

A porcelain plate is heat resistant

Being a poor conductor of heat, when hot food is placed in a porcelain plate, the plate can be easily lifted with bare hands without fear of the heat. Heat travels more quickly thru glass then it does thru porcelain.

Porcelain portion control plates fit brilliantly into your portion control plan

They come in various sizes that not only fit brilliantly into your portion control plan, they also add to the existing elegance of your cutlery and your kitchen.

Make an informed choice – Go Porcelain

So wonder no more. Unless you are in the habit of throwing plates about, most people buy porcelain once in a life time – because the designs are so beautiful and the plates last for years. So when buying portion control plates, don’t forget to add beauty and elegance to your kitchen – choose porcelain. They are even dishwasher safe!

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