Why Should We Use Portion Control Glasses

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Portion control glassMy 8-year old son Andrew loves guzzling gallons of Coke. Until my dietician recommended portion control glasses, I had tried everything from buying smaller bottles of Coke to buying Diet Coke. None of these seemed to have any effect, that is, until I purchased these portion control glasses. They worked for my son because:

  1. Portion control glasses are tall and thin holding precisely 10oz of fluid. A full glass makes it appear you are drinking a lot. In realty, you are drinking just right.
  2. Portion control glasses are an expert and inexpensive way to avoid over consumption, especially non-healthy drinks
  3. Portion control glasses are cute, elegant and blend right in with the existing glasses.

Portion control glasses are highly recommended because too much of anything is awfully bad!

No matter how much I tried talking to my son, he simply prefers Coke to water. For him, happiness lies in a large bottle of Coke. I began to get concerned when I started noticing his face was becoming rounder, the first hints of a double chin began to appear and his physique began to take the appearance of a Chinese nesting doll. My physician of course immediately recommended drastic measures but he fell short on practical ideas on how to achieve it. I hired a dietitian.

My dietitian recommended more physical play coupled with portion control (including liquids portion control).

I must confess that at that stage, I had no idea what portion control glasses were. She explained to me that they regulated the quantum of liquid a person drinks. Thin and tall (6”), each holds 10oz of fluid. When I received my first set, instead of allowing my son to take the entire bottle of Coke to his room. I told him I would bring it up to him.

I poured the coke into the Portion Control Glasses leaving about 1 inch space at the top. I cut a thin round slice of orange and wedged it on to the top of the glass. Next I added a couple of cubes of fancy party ice and added a fancy party straw. Along with the glass of Coke, I also made him a Tuna-and-mint sandwich and took the tray up. Andrew’s eyes became round as saucers and he went “Wooooo Cooool”.

Portion control glasses work and make it fun!

Sure, it was extra work for me but I did not mind it one bit. So long as Andrew was consuming just 10oz of Coke instead of an entire bottle of it, I was quite happy. Meanwhile my hubby bought him a bike. Now Andrew cycles 3 miles to school and back.

It has been seven months since we started with the portion control glasses and the cycling and I am happy to say that my son has shed over 8.5lbs in weight. He is now looking very fit and handsome. Three months ago I also managed to get him switch to grape juice. ;)

To all mothers out there, still struggling with unhealthy habits of their children, I sincerely recommend these portion control glasses – you will not regret buying them.

Portion Control Glasses

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