Can I Really Eat Whatever I Want?

by | Nov 11, 2011 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

The answer to this question is YES!

Yes, we can really eat whatever we want but (yes, there always is a but) to do so, we have to be responsible: to base everything on facts, to know our limits, and to learn how to modify.

Most often people are so overly strict with their diet that they end up losing the battle.  Either they totally give up, go on a yoyo weight loss, become sick, or have depression or other disorders related to dieting.

Let’s see HOW we can eat whatever we want…

Firstly, start loving yourself as you are. And make HEALTH as your goal

rather than your need to be physically more pleasing than you already are.  Then base your dieting on facts – not on hearsays and myths.  Water is not the reason for your big tummy – it is the excess calories stored as fat; vitamins do not make you fat -only there are vitamins that increase the appetite; sitting down after eating is not the main reason for the bulge in your stomach – it is the slowing down of your metabolism when you are sitting down than moving; and so many more that can be harmful or disturbing.  We need food and water to live.  We just have to know how much to eat and which is best to take over another.

Know your limits, eat in moderation.

Professionals can be consulted for the right amount of food allowed for the day.  They will give you your required calorie for the day and how many exchanges or serving of each food group composes that total caloric need.  But basically you just have to eat in moderation – small and frequent.  Have 3 main meals and 2 snacks in between to increase your metabolism.  Choose healthy foods.  Consume the basic food group’s man need: carbohydrates, protein and good fat.

Learn the art of modification.

You can eat anything in moderation, and better if you can modify it to be lesser evil. Like when you love creamed soup, cook it with non-dairy creamer instead of evaporated or full cream milk; fried can be grilled or baked; if pasta, tomato sauce is healthier than white sauce.  It always is better to eat at home as you can do the modification than when you eat out because most often, what you see is what you get.  But still, you can make requests when out: when you are on a pizza parlor on a weekend, choose vegetarian pizza to lessen the cholesterol and request just half the cheese on top.  If you really want to eat that fried chicken, at least remove the skin and choose white meat (chicken breast).  Some restaurants allow a choice of a drop of olive oil for frying in a non-stick pan than other oils.  It is your health after all; do not fear to make a request.

Use herbs and spices! Healthy food CAN be tasty 😉

One misconception people have is that healthy food is tasteless.  It is not! You can make it as delicious; you just have to learn the art of cooking.  Fat and salt make food tasty but you can also make it tasty with the use of a little salt, a little of good fat, herbs and spices.  It is nicer to eat something delicious and healthy.  There will be no guilt, nor fear that you are putting yourself at risk to health problems.  Now you can truly enjoy food as it is meant to be enjoyed.

Have a nice meal!