Favorite Food Made Healthy

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Favorite Food Made Healthy

We cannot deny the fact that one of the most wonderful treats in life is FOOD!  There are just so many choices for us to spurge on, if only we can.  From different countries comes different cuisine.  There are some countries that have their own delicacy for every region just it is in the United States or the Philippines, China or India.  Probably due to the different cultures acquired, from creativity, from all the superb natural, regional food sources.  The same goes for other countries the world over.  And everyone has their own specialty; noodles and rice meals for the Asian, meats to match pasta and potato for the European, spicy for the Mediterranean and so forth.  And we have to admit that fat and salt are great factors to palatability.

Eating in Moderation is the Key.

Know your limits. Remind yourself with self-help tools such as portion control dinnerware.  Guides and placemats are effective pokes to us who forget once delicious food is before us.  It almost is always a management problem.  Learn how to pace and control.

Never say the word “forbidden” because people seem to rebel against it and eat all the more what is labeled as “bad or forbidden food”.  With responsibility, knowledge and proper management one can eat anything and everything. In all honesty, people are getting more and more aware of the importance of proper diet in the achievement of good health.  This is the reason for the relevance of fortified foods in the market and those products that you often see that have “low”, “free”, “adjusted” or “no” words after the most popular restrictions such as fat, salt, caffeine, MSG, and gluten. If decades ago food labels were not as important to buyers, now they are because people have learnt the importance of having informative nutrition labels.   Check the amount of the nutrients per serving, the ingredients that are being used and the recommended allowance.

Read Labels

because one of the ways to make your favorite food healthy is for you to choose the “better” among the rest.  Good substitution can allow you to eat salads that do not have the usual vinaigrette dressing you know to be healthy, but this time varying it with the mouth watering Caesar salad you have been dreaming of having with your Barbequed Ribs.  Once in a while you can have salad with mayonnaise using Low Fat Mayo dressing.  Pizza is an all-time favorite and you generally have to make a pass because it is loaded with fat.  Now you can actually have some by just choosing the lesser evil.  Why not choose vegetarian instead of those filled with fatty meat?  And you can always top it with half the cheese instead of doubling the cheese.  Or to even substitute some with cottage cheese or a mixture of cheese and whole wheat bread crumbs.

Learn to consume the proper amount

Stop when you’ve had your full.  And give in to your cravings once in a while, just “plan” it well so you will not splurge with a promise that you can have some today and have again some other time.

Try to stock in your kitchen only good choices

Instead of powdered or liquid seasonings, why not use fresh herbs and spices that can make your prepared food tasty but without too much of the sodium we are trying to lay low on?  Replace your full cream milk with low fat or non-fat.  Use sugar-free to lessen our sugar intake.  Be wise in choosing the right kinds of ingredients for your consumption.

Yes, the kind of food is important.  The amount of good over bad, advantages over disadvantages… but the amount of food to be consumed is important, too.  And when you fully appreciate that you can enjoy  only this certain amount of your favorite food, and the consequences of going over the limit… no matter how much food is served next time,  you will already be used to just “having some once in a while”.  Start to train yourself with portion control dinnerware and you will come to a point that you don’t even need to think twice because the right behavior around food will have already grown on you.   And when you are the one preparing the meal, you also know how to make it healthier.

Now you can say that it is your favorite food made healthy.