Healthy Eating – Motivation is the Key to Your Secret Diet

by | Feb 7, 2011 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

Today I write about motivation

because over the years, I have come to understand that everything that we do or do not do is motivated by a strong desire to be happy. We want to lose weight because we think that it will (and it does) make us happy. We want and just have to eat that pastry because it will make us happy. We don’t want spinach because its taste makes us unhappy.

While meditating over this issue (you should try meditating sometimes – it helps enormously), I realized that we were looking for happiness in the wrong place. Happiness is within our mind we simply need to look at things in the correct light and happiness will automatically follow. Dieting or eating correctly is a process, a learning tool; it’s a path to discovering what is right for you and achieving your goal of good health and correct weight.

Therefore I urge you to think differently about your body.

Healthy Mushrooms

Your body is not a bin into which you throw food based on your taste buds and desires and then let the body ‘deal’ with it. A drop of bad oil in a gallon of good oil will not harm your car but the reverse will. The drop of bad oil does lubricate, however, it is bad because it has impurities in it that will clog and leave scratch marks in your engine. Remember in my previous blog I mentioned that all food was good and contained nutrition. Today let me add a little proviso to that statement; bad food as in French fries and burgers also contain nutrition but are like the drop of bad oil. Bad food contains elements that will clog the vital plumbing in the most precious of all fuel pumps – your heart. The nutrition you would derive from (say) a bag of French fries is just not worth the “clog factor” that comes attached with it. Now again think about that Spinach, see it for what it is – pure goodness and wholesome nutrition that not only comes with zero clog factor it will actually work at un-clogging your plumbing. Now do you feel the happiness build? Feel the motivation build within you? I sincerely hope you do.

As for how much weight you will lose – two things:

First, know that every time you talk about losing weight, what you are actually trying to achieve is fat loss. I cannot say this enough number of times:

Weight loss is bad. Fat loss is good.

If you lose any excess fat you might have, you will automatically achieve the correct weight for your age and height Capish.

Second, focus on essentials: eating right, eating on time and balancing the equation by utilizing the energy derived from food. Remember, if you don’t use the energy it gets stored as fat.

Utilizing the energy means exercising – move it.

Once you follow this easy to understand ‘Equation of Good Health’, you will notice the difference in as little as two weeks. You will feel new energy flowing through you and in about three months you will see visible changes to your body anatomy. You will also notice you don’t salivate at the sight of a burger or other former favorites nor do you gorge yourself on food. Best of all, you will enjoy a sense of peace and happiness.

Now, are you motivated enough to walk down the path of good health?

In my next blog I shall write about diet – what it is not. Till then, stay safe, stay healthy.