Healthy Eating – The Secret Diet

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Healthy Eating Diet

Congratulations! If you are reading this third blog post then I believe you’re serious about healthy eating and living a long, healthy and fruitful life.

Every single day, I get lots of people who visit my consultancy and either refer to some “secret diet” or ask for a secret diet that will help them reduce weight and stay in shape.

Fact is there is no secret diet.

For many people, the promise to immediately reduce weight as well “keep it off permanently” is simply too alluring – it’s as if the diet plan conferred some kind of magical blessing on anyone coughed up the asking price and followed the “sure fire guaranteed results” diet plan.

At any point in time, about 50% of Americans are on some kind of exotic diet despite the fact that

90% of all such exotic diets not only fail to deliver on the promise but are actually harmful to the body. Sadly, this $33 MILLION a year industry that sells diet plans has almost no regulation. So is there no such thing as a “diet”? Of course there is and it can be as simply or as exotic as you want it to be and the amazing thing is not only it comes with a promise but you don’t even have to pay anyone for it!

As a diet consultant, I promise you that if you follow my diet plan honestly, you won’t have to struggle to stop compulsive eating or overeating or binge eating. I’m not going to put you on any sort of restrictive diet nor ask you to join any weight loss program. You won’t have any nightmares with the scale, no exotic health or weight loss spas to join nor any silly weight loss boot camps. Ready?

My diet plan introduces you to the concept of a “balanced plate” that I extensively use in my weight management sessions.

The Healthy Eating Food Chart

You can use any typical 9″ plate or preferably, use a portion control plate that you can procure from any number of online sites or local crockery stores.  Also buy some scoopers. These would be 1 teaspoon and 1 tablespoon scoopers. I’m asking you to buy these portion control plates and scoopers because they are to be a vital part of the diet I am going to prescribe.

Here’s a sample menu for you:


Use nut butters like almond or peanut or seed butters such as sunflower seed. All these are an excellent source of minerals, healthy fats and vitamins. Use the 1 tablespoon scooper once to apply nut or seed butter onto your brown bread. Give yourself two slices of brown bread (toasted if you prefer it that way), one hard boiled egg, and one large cup of black coffee or one glass of fruit juice or one glass of skimmed milk. Avoid sugar or if you must, then use less than half teaspoon of sugar.

Variation: One apple, one large cup of black coffee, two tablespoons of any nut or seed butter mixed with one  teaspoon of dried skimmed milk powder, one teaspoon of millet cereal and one teaspoon of raisins. You can either apply this to the brown bread or dip the brown bread in it.

For lunch or dinner use the 9” portion control plate.

Half the plate should contain vegetables, or fruit. Use half of the remaining space (i.e. 1/4th of total space on plate) for protein, and remainder for starch or grain.

Secret to healthy weight management

If you eat carbohydrates alone you will quickly burn through that energy but if you add some protein to it, your energy will last much longer.