How To Halt America’s Silent Health Crisis?

by | Aug 17, 2018 | Shop Tools

America has had a very sinister problem that has been lurking for decades now…

This issue has caused massive pain and has sent a shockwave of “silent chaos” through our population.

Which problem are we referring to?

Here it is: Obesity & Diabetes.

Our obesity and diabetes crisis has recently been reaching pandemic levels. The statistics are nearly unbelievable…to say the very least.

Let me paint you a clear picture…

As of 2018, 30 million people are suffering from the disease of diabetes. This year 1.4 million people will be diagnosed for the first time.

Here’s something to think about:  4 million children will be born this year. By the time those children reach the age of 20, 1 in 5 of them will be overweight.

All of these are major risk factors that could lead to an early death. People who suffer from diabetes live a life of constant stress. If they’re not taking medication, they’re worried about the types of food they’re eating…

Life with disease isn’t as fun as it could be, to say the least.

The Buck Stops Here

At Precise Portions we’ve seen first-hand the damage that can be done by this dangerous trend. We decided to create a product that would easily help solve this massive problem, for a large group of people.

Our no nonsense product removes all the guess work for you. It’s a step by step, A-Z program that anyone could easily follow.

Invest in Precise Portions & Get a Piece of the Pie

Here is the opportunity to help us execute this mission by investing for a % equity in Precise Portions. You can learn more about this investment opportunity here:

How does this work?

Well it is officially called Regulation A+ funding (aka Reg Funding) which is a law legislated under The JOBS Act (Reg A+ of Title IV of the JOBS Act). This law allows the public to invest in private companies and this way customers can become investors. Like an IPO, this is more of a mini-IPO. Reg A+ allows companies to offer shares to the general public and not just accredited investors. This can only happen upon review and approval of the SEC, which we now have.

This is what you get:

  • Shares in Precise Portions. You can start with as little as $100!
  • Precise Portions’ Tools for each and every meal
  • A mobile app
  • And an e-Coach tailored specifically for you.

Recently, Cambridge University of London has validated our Precise Portions system. Their study confirmed our meal portion system as a legitimate system.

Portions of your meals are a major contributor toward all these horrible diseases. Precise Portions is preferred and effective, it puts an end to that once and for all!

Our products have been enjoyed by tens of thousands of people all across the world. Our products are/have been available on: The American Diabetes Association,  Amazon, Wal-Mart, Wayfair, Wegman’s Supermarkets and our home webpage

We continue to grow, each and every single day.

Lose The Weight Without A Complicated Diet Program!

We’re asking the public to help us fight these mortal diseases. Each and every pledge is dollar toward preventing serious illness. At the end of the day, we all want to enjoy life. That’s exactly what this system is for, improving the quality of life.

Become a part of our team and invest here:

We’re looking forward to your support.

Until Next Time,

The Precise Portions Team

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