Practical Weight Management

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Practical Weight Management

Many of us have had a weight problem ever since our childhood days and often times, a nasty nickname given to us when in school has as a way of fueling our emotional eating. But soon enough, we become adults and are horrified at shape defying reflection we see in the mirror. We come to our senses and decide that we need to do something about our figure and our weight.

Our practical weight management advice is designed to get you back in shape through healthy eating (no restrictions other than junk/unhealthy foods) and exercise. Our practical weight management advice is intended to help anyone wanting to either maintain their current weight or put on weight or lose some weight. We include people who are short on time, have a 30+ pounds to lose or, are frustrated with complex and expensive workout-like-a-donkey-and-starve-yourself-to-death kind of weight loss plan.

Our practical weight management advice is designed for real people of all shapes and sizes; not some fictional human meant to fit the weight loss plan. Our practical weight management advice also includes a basic diet plan that will bring back the joys of eating without having to count the calories or depriving ourselves of good food.

Endorphins – is the secret to your weight management success!
Endorphins are hormones that are released when you undertake physical activity including exercises. When you exercise, signals are sent to your pituitary gland that triggers the release of endorphins. Endorphins are your body’s I-feel-good hormone. When endorphins are released, you feel on top of the World and feel that you can handle anything that is thrown at you. Exercising leads to release of Endorphins which in turn, leads you to achieve anything you set your mind upon including a diet plan. For this reason, it is beneficial to exercise in the morning rather than any other time of the day.

Exercise forms one half of our practical weight management advice!
We recommend strength training because when people lose fat through aerobics, if done correctly, 75% of the lost weight is fat and 25% is muscle. With strength training however, you lose up to 95% fat. If you build say a pound of new muscle, your body needs to burn about 30 calories per day just to maintain that additional pound of muscle. Therefore the more lean tissue you build, the more body fat your body burns.

Food forms the other half of our practical weight management advice!
Your daily menu should include whole grain cereals, whole-grain pasta and breads. These will provide the carbohydrates along with the essential minerals and vitamins that the body needs along with adequate calories. Beans and grains are also a good source of protein. These foods are more filling and therefore limit the calories you intake.

Oily fish like tuna, salmon, herring, mackerel and trout give you the goodness of Omega-3 Fats that your body needs. These are unsaturated fats that protect you from cancer and heart diseases.

Vegetables and fruit are two food items that you should eat in adequate quantities (4 servings a day) because they are good for the body. Brightly colored vegetables have antioxidant properties while green leafy vegetables are a great source of iron. Vegetables will also give the body other healthy nutrients and minerals, besides adding a small quantum of fiber to your diet. Fruits are not only a good source of fiber but also add to your water intake as well as some other vitamins and minerals. Finally, if you really wish to see results, initially restrict and subsequently avoid all types of junk foods. These not only add fat to your body but also clog your heart.

So there you are; our practical weight management advice does not advocate any fancy exercise or diet plan. Getting in shape is more to do with common sense than any secret, exotic weight gain or weight loss plan.